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Billy Self

This bike was purchased at Rockwall Cycling.

 Orbea Team Factory - check this out!


 Team Captain

2007 was the first full season for Billy, finishing with the Prairie Man Half Ironman and White Rock Marathon. 

2008 is to be remembered as the year of the new bike and the doctor's visit.  It was the most intense year of racing to date for Billy, but he did miss a couple of races due to an unfortunate mishap. 

2009 Vast improvement thanks to training with a professional coach, 

Michael Dawdy. Improved form and technique all over the place. I had 

no idea how bad my form was until May '09.  This year will be 

remembered as PR's and learning about hydration. 

2006 White Rock Marathon -     4:09:..

2007 White Rock Marathon -     5:11:..

2007 PrairieMan Half Ironman    6:27:..

2008 Tri-Rock Sprint -               1:03:..

2008 Turkey Trot 8 mile -           56:42

2008 White Rock Marathon -     3:57:33

2009 Too Cold To Hold 15K -     1:11:38

2009 Heart of Heath 5k -            18:59      

2009 Tri-Rock Sprint - 3rd Overall  59.06

2009 Longhorn 70.3                     4:57:06

2009 White Rock Marathon          3:29:28

NAME: Billy Self aka "Silly Belf"

BIRTHDAY: May 5, 1981

USAT AGE: 28 (end of year, right?)

LOCATION: Rockwall (also Fate), Texas

HEIGHT: 5'10

WEIGHT: 175 lbs.

STRENGTH: Swimming 

ALTER EGO: I make soap! 

HARDWARE: Orbea Ora DA (time trial) aka "Obe 1",  Felt F1C (road bike) aka "Frankenstein!"

BIO: Billy started doing triathlons in 2004 on a steel Trek road bike.  With a background in high school swimming, most of his improvement needed to occur on the bike and in running.  He was the last member of the Self family to compete in a triathlon.  Billy enjoys riding his unicycle when not on his '08 Orbea Ora DA.

The Austin Triathlon - Olympic Distance

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