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Green Members!

    2011 Roster to be updated soon....
  1. Krisha Brooks
  2. Greg Diamond
  3. Peter Barnard
  4. Brian Young
  5. Dian Fiala
  6. Michael Stampley
  7. Cliff King
  8. Jerry Lewis
  9. Steve Whitworth
  10. Rob Radcliff
  11. Scott Ervin
  12. Michael Dawdy
  13. Brett Bartlett
  14. Joe Rahmanzadeh
  15. Scott Schuster
  16. Mason Randall
  17. Jeff Jacobs
  18. Pam Lewis
  19. Lexie Jones
  20. Judy James
  21. Sara Gingrich
  22. Brent McIlwain
                                             Retired Racers
     I want to be a Green Racer at Tri-ProSoap!
  1. Believe in Green Racing!
  2. Must be a member of USAT -
  3. Compete in 3 USAT Sanctioned Events per racing season.
  4. Must list as your club for all USAT events. (Club Point Championship)
  5. Actively Promote Team Partners; including Rockwall Cycling & ProSoap.
  6. Be a Great Representative for our Multi-Sport Culture. 

List of Nicknames from 2009 Year End Party

Jersey List: Please Click Here for List Update

Welcome to the elite team member page.  This is where you can find the top finishers! 
Click on their profile to find out more about them and their goals for future races.

*Rosters will be turned into USAT on March 1, June 1, September 1.
  • Disclaimer & Assumption of Risk/Liability:  While triathlon is a recreational sport, there are inherent risks and dangers.  All athlete/members/training partners are responsible for their own safety during group rides or training sessions, and assume any and all risks of injury, harm, medical conditions, or property damage.  Triathletes are urged to wear protective gear (including helmets) and ride/train with caution and respect for others.  Tri-ProSoap/ProSoap or Texas Novachem Corporation makes no representations or guarantees of any kind relating to safety for training or triathlon events.  By participating in triathlons/training, each athlete (on behalf of him/herself and his/her family and heirs) voluntarily accepts any and all risks, assumes all liabilities, and waives and releases any and all damages against Tri-ProSoap/ProSoap or Texas Novachem Corporation or its owners, agents, employees, managers, or members.  If you do not so agree, do not participate in triathlons or training sessions.

The Chart Below is absolute GOLD.  Provided by the wisdom and years (& years, & years) of cycling by Kevin Roberts and Steve Whitworth. Follow it, and you will be a happy winter cyclist. 

Cycling Clothing Chart

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