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"It never gets easier, just faster!"

Tri-ProSoap supports racing in a clean environment to the best of our ability. Created to support green living and outdoor recreational racing, Tri-ProSoap is a group of dedicated racers in North Texas that strive to enhance our physical abilities. Being involved in the Tri-ProSoap movement is a significant step towards more awareness of runners and bikers on our roads.

Our motto is "It never gets easier, just faster", which describes our passion for improvement and commitment to reaching our goals.  We also like to say "Glad to be here" which shows our gratitude for being a part of such an awesome sport, regardless of how the day turned out.


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Classic Rock Rotary Sprint

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Thank you to all those who have supported our racing team on and off the race course.  It is amazing what we have accomplished in our first two seasons and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.  
-Billy Self
Team Captain
"Glad to be here!"

Tri-ProSoap @ Longhorn