How do I get Trippy?
To use Trippy you'll need a Google Wave account – request an invitation here.  
Trippy is listed in the extensions gallery wave, and it can be installed from there. To learn about using that wave, read this FAQ or watch this screencast.

If you want to get Trippy the quick and dirty way, simply:
1. open a New Wave
2. click the green puzzle icon on the toolbar (pictured below)

If you need more help on using Wave, check out http://www.google.com/support/wave.

How do I start a trip?
To start a trip, simply choose the Create a Trip button on the start screen.  Tell us where you want to go, and how long you want to go for.  Note you don't need to decide dates right away.  Then search for items, either using the Google search box or the Lonely Planet categories listed.  You can drag and drop items to your itinerary, either into unscheduled items or specific days.

What is this sample trip?  Can I get rid of it?
We created a sample trip to help you understand Trippy's capabilities.  You can't get rid of it yet, but in the near future we hope to provide the ability to delete trips.

Who can see my trips?
Only folks on the Wave on which you added Trippy can see your trips.  Every time you add Trippy to a new Wave, it will be blank except for the sample trip.

I'm done!  How do I export my trips out of Wave?
Congratulations!  You can get trip content out of Trippy by printing it, emailing it to friends, or exporting it to Google Maps.  With Google Maps, you  will get a unique url, which you can then share on any social network you like (Facebook, Twitter, etc).