Trippy in Varanasi

Arrived in Varanasi by plane from Delhi on the 9th of February to lovely weather.

Little did I know.

My 1st 'humble' room at Munna's Basement


Rooftop 'restaurant' at The Friendly Guest House

Nice view of roofless roofs from 'Friendly'.

Feeding local wildlife.

Is that what I think it is.......?

Oh God, here's another one. Location secret, I'm afraid.

Vinod Prasanna on flute with Nirmal Goswami on tabla.

Nephew of Ust Mushtaq Ali Khan, Ust Faiz Khan on sarangi.

Nirmal with Anil Singh on sitar.

Just a little rooftop view. Jealous or what????

My room on left side with my own guard dog.

Godaulia Crossing. Safety first cows too.

Ramesh with shorter style surbahar which has made me buy another like it.

Translation anyone???????? From 1st basement room.

Not Again!!!!! The goat that thinks it's a sheep.

That must be the mother-in-law's bed sheet.

Yep. Thought it was. There she is now!!!!!!!

My new 'shorter' surbahar without its make-up on.New pet to take home.

Fellow Brit Katinka and Chotelal, seller of both my surbahars.

The Dhrupad Mela 2007 Varanasi

 Bahauddin Dagar & his wonderful Rudra Veena


 Ustad Fareeduddin Dagar

The well respected Raj Ban Singh

Shivnath & Deobrata Mishra with their Duelling Surbahars 'act'.

The'Menu' for 'tasty bites' coming up on day 3.

Pt Kartick Kumar

A shot of the MOSTLY western audience.

Srikant Ramakant Mishra


The Incomparable Sayeeduddin Dagar

Back To Normality!!?!???!?

Oh No!!!!!! Race War!!!!

What!!! Only 15 inside? Must try harder!

This is what happens when you keep coming to India.

Back to safety?!?!?!?!?


 Shen Flindell on tabla with Taro on bansuri

No, I only LOOK like Shujaat Khan.

A little 'action' shot with Nirmal Goswami on tabla.

A few local concerts

A certain 'famous' person at the Nagari Natak Mandali, Varanasi.

Sri Akram Khan

I wish I could do that too!!!!!!

Guruji Padmabhan Singh trying my new monster.

Off to the waterfall.

Spot the creepy crawly

Yes, he IS making bread using the 'local' water.


Fatty gets a natural bloody cold shower.



I've been adopted by Fred here.

Visiting folk group.

My local 'dealer'.

It's not that bad, is it dear????

Israeli Yoni (YES HE knows too) with my new toy.

Some, OBVIOUSLY, drug induced guest house 'art'.

Varanasi celebs Channulal Mishra & Kishen (just call me Mafia-Man) Maharaj.Rajendra Prasanna at same Vishnu Prasanna Memorial Concert.

Oh Sh... I'm sure I left the gas on.

Is he dead? Was the singing that bad?????

That bloody well IS George Harrison on the right!!!!!!

Two possible future purchases for the 'new ' business venture.

A piccie of the son of the local 'Boss'.

Pt Channulal Mishra

I need a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX large T-shirt please.

Sharing my room with these 2 stroppy devils.

Eat it all & you'll grow up to be a nice, big COW!!!!!!

I'm not sure if this French guy knows what to call his creation.

Music night in the Munna House basement.


Oh God!?!?!?! Please DO NOT FART!!!!!!!!!

Anyone for 'Kitten-in-a Basket'? Very Tasty!!!!!

See! There IS life in the Ganga after all. I wouldn't eat one though.

The Phulwari, near Gadaulia Crossing. Chocolate flavoured Restaurant.

Nice view inside the Restaurant. Is it chocolate too!?!?!?!?!?

Well, what can I say??????

Views of some sitars at my teacher's house.

My Lovely 'Manipuri'

A Teak, 'TINY'.

OOOOHHHH Can I come to the wedding??? Rather givvus a 'ring' then???

Is it me or is this a bit twisted??????

Sorry,love. No money here. We're all skint!?!?!?!?!

Vicious glare from moggy cos of left-over papaya at Munna House.

You're only supposed to wrap MY sitar, Yaar.

Sooro & Yung Nam my Korean students of english in Varanasi.

NO, It has NOT got MY eyes!!!!!!!

Dig the CRAZEEEEEEE design. Fabulous!!!!

After playing, of course, one MUST go for an Italian.Well. it just HAD to happen!!!! Katinka & Jo in Shiva Restaurant/German Bakery.

Is this a new dance or has he forgotten the toilet's in the other room?

Nitai & Tarak in Nitai's little workshop near the main road.

Me & Italian friend watching. Forever watching.........

 Katinka & Chotelal in Kashika Music Ashram, Bengali Tola.

Back To Delhi

Piccadelhi!!!!!. Oh VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!! Metro system in Delhi Centre

A certain 'famous' shop some of you may know.

My bed at the Namaskar, Chandiwala Gali, Pahar Ganj. Not bad at all.

At least there aren't any bloody insects in there. Not after I'VE farted in it.

Some interesting graffiti at Delhi International Airport.

One for fellow musos here.

Let this be a warning to you all.


 Sri Munnaji, owner of Munna House, Narad Ghat Varanasi

The origins of our fav instrument.

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it's the correct raga 'accordion' to me anyway.

Russian friend with my new 'baby'.

Finalising bridge positions on surbahar.

Who's a clever boy then? Nepali Badrinath at The Shiva Bakery.

That's one way of getting rid of 'athlete's foot'.

Anshu on sarod & Vinod on bansuri.

Shen Flindel from AustraliaTaro Tarahara from Japan

A different view of this strange bowed hybrid.

Nandi at the Phulwari Restaurant Temple.

Not another bloody Hippy get-together.

I can STILL see you, you little twerp!!!!

A blatant naked sex orgy ensued.....

We're off to see the wiz.... Oh, sorry. Off to the airport.