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Meet Your Enrichment Coordinator/Teacher

Mr. Saffer has been teaching and coordinating the Enrichment Program at Tri-Point since 2007.  He grew up in Chenoa, and attended the U of I in Champaign-Urbana.  He has 13 years teaching experience, most of those years spent on the White Mountain Apache reservation, pueblos north of Santa Fe, and Navajo Reservation.   He does research with the Illinois Natural History Survey during the summer, studying amphibians in wetland restorations.   He's worked many field seasons studying wildlife biology, entomology, and epidemiology with the U.S. Forest Service, Nature Conservancy, Illinois Natural History Survey, University of Illinois, University of New Mexico, and the Centers for Disease Control.  He's a docent at Fugate Woods, just north of Fairbury, where he leads bird walks in the spring.  His wife, Carolynne, teaches Special Education at Gardner Grade School, and the director of the Spence Farms Foundation in Fairbury.

I'm Diggin' Dinos!
I was accepted to work for 3 weeks this July with paleontologist Jack Horner from the Museum of the Rockies in Montana, digging dinosaurs on the Canadian border.  We'll be excavating a couple hadrosaurs - duckbilled dinosaurs.  I'll be living in a tent and with our only water source will be a garden hose.  Should be hot, buggy, and awesome!  I get to dig up dinosaurs!