Park Rental Info (Sorry, no longer doing parks)

How to rent a jumper from TTT Jumps at a park

1. Contact the park where you intend to have your jump house party to find out if a permit is required.

2. If a permit is required call Cyndi at (619) - 517-8718 to make a reservation first to reserve your bounce house.

3. Apply for park permit and pay all fees required to the city or park.

4. Once you have the permit, call Cyndi at (619) - 517-8718 to confirm your bounce house reservation, making sure you have your Park permit naming TTT Jumps as the authorized vendor for your event.

5. Arrive with your cell phone at the park at least 15 minutes prior to delivery time of your bounce house. Please be prompt, as our drivers might leave if they end up waiting too long!

6. Most parks already have our insurance information on file. Others may require us to fax of email this info.

7. All parks (as well as our insurance carrier) require that jump houses be removed before sunset.

Once you have completed these steps, enjoy your party with our world-class bounce houses!