enabling barcodes on video screens

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Video Barcode™ (VBC) technology moves traditional physical barcodes into the digital realm of LCD displays, TVs, cell phones, and PDAs. Applications for VBCs are numerous and include: Mobile Tickets, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Membership, Mobile Vouchers, Point of Sale VBC Catalog, Online VBC Catalog, and Split Barcode Security and Verification. Many of the functions of a physical barcode could be performed by a VBC, but without printing costs, cumbersome updates, or misplaced paper.   

Patented Technology

We are looking for collaborators and licensees to incorporate our patented Video Barcode™ technology into market-leading solutions. If you are interested in developing or using an application for Video Barcodes™, please contact


United States Patent  Nos. 6,764,009 and 7,070,103 and 7,118,040 and 7,150,400 and other pending patents