Book of Shadows

Here you'll find a collection of the various articles we have in our Book of Shadows.  All articles are properly sourced (when possible) before they are added to this site.  That being said, some things are from personal websites across the net, therefore some of the original websites no longer exist!  So we ask you kindly to keep that in mind should you decide to visit these links.  We will be personally linking each page to the original site if possible.  If a site is dead or the link otherwise does not work, we will not link it.  Should you in your perusing our files notice that a link is dead, please notify us immediately so we can fix the link on the page and update our "Inactive Webpages" list.

There are two lists that you will find of interest:  the Guild Information Index Short Form & Long Form.  The Short Form merely has the folders listed that the information is divided into.  Long Form includes the entirety of each folder and the files that are located within.    An important note:  both of the Short Form and Long Form pages are subject to change as files are edited and some folders may either be removed or consolidated!

Also to check out is the "Guild Library" which is a collection of books you may find worthwhile to read on your quest of learning!