Low Luck

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What is Low Luck Dice?

Many of the "better" (or at least they think they're better) TripleA players prefer using Low Luck dice (LL) instead of Full Dice because LL removes a lot of the luck from the dice rolls. Essentially you add up all of the "points" from the units you're attacking or defending with, divide that number by six, and that's how many guaranteed hits you get. Then, whatever's left over, you roll for. It's easier to demonstrate this by example...

Let's say you're attacking with five (5) tanks, eight (8) infantry, and two (2) bombers against two (2) tanks and six (6) infantry.

5   8   2            VS.        2   6

You start by adding together all of the "points" your units get for attacking. Tanks attack at 3. Infantry attack at 1. Bombers attack at 4. So the attacker has:

(5x3) + (8x1) + (2x4)  =  31  points

If you divide 31 by 6, you get 5, with a remainder of 1. So the attacker gets five (5) automatic hits, and rolls to try to get a sixth hit. Since the remainder was 1, he needs to roll a 1 to score that extra hit. So the attacker has 5 guaranteed hits, and can possibly get six.

Let's say he doesn't get that roll (he rolls a 3). So the attacker comes away with 5 hits. The defender chooses 5 of his infantry as casualties.

Now the defender rolls. Tanks defend at 3. Infantry defend at 2. The defender gets:

(2x3) + (6x2) =  18  points

Divide 18 by 6 and you get exactly 3. This means the defender gets exactly 3 hits. There's no need to roll.

Now both sides remove casualties, and we're ready for round two. Here's what we have left:

5   5   2            VS.        2   1

The attacker now has:

(5x3) + (5x1) + (2x4)  =  28  points

That means he gets four (4) guaranteed hits, plus has a chance to get one more hit by rolling a 4 or less (the remainder of 28 / 6 is 4). Let's say he makes that roll. So he gets 5 hits this round. The defender is annihilated, but gets his casualty fire.

The defender has:

(2x3) + (1x2) =  8  points

He gets one guaranteed hit, plus a chance for another hit if he rolls a 2 or less. He makes his roll (with a 1, let's say), so he gets two total hits.

The attacker wins the battle with:

5   3   2

What's the Benefit of Low Luck Dice?

LL dice essentially remove most of the luck from large battles, and they allow you to calculate exactly what you need to bring into combat to win.

There's nothing worse than spending five or six rounds building up for a huge assault, and then losing to crappy dice. You've got 30 German tanks, 10 fighters, 4 bombers, and 20 infantry, and you're attacking a Russian capitol that only has 12 infantry and a fighter sitting on it. You lose the battle because the Russians roll a ton of 1s, and you're getting 5s and 6s.

That's not a problem with LL dice. Therefore, it tends to turn TripleA into more of a strategy game than a who-gets-better-dice-rolls game. I will say, however, that personally I like playing LL dice, but Full Dice games are nice every now and then - just because they make the game more interesting. With LL dice, it's impossible to defend a territory with 1 infantry against 2 incoming fighters and a pair of tanks... in full dice, you've at least got a shot.


For the tactically minded, LL dice gives you that certainty. If the Allies have taken Western Europe with one infantry, and you know you need to take it back, you can bring in exactly 2 fighters and 2 infantry to take it back and be 100% positive you'll get it. Your fighters (two 3's) get the automatic kill, and even if the defender hits you, you lose 1 infantry and still take the territory.

You can also pretty much calculate the odds of a large battle so you know what to bring in to win. For example, let's say the defender has...

2   3   2

...sitting in Southern Europe. You need to get at least 7 hits to clear them out of there. So you need to bring in enough firepower to score 7 hits in your first round of combat, if you can. Plus if you want to take the territory back, you need to figure that they're going to get at least 3 hits (possibly four) in their counter fire. So you could bring in:

14   4

The tanks would give you your 7 guaranteed hits, and your infantry will take the casualties.

Of course, you could bring in any different combination of units (fighters, bombers, etc.). You also don't need to take them out in one round of combat... you could figure a two round battle and only bring in...

6   6

The first round of combat you'll score four hits. They'll score (let's say) 4. Then we're down to:

6   2        VS.      1   2

Now, you get three hits (plus a chance to get one more hit with a 2, but you don't need it). So they're gone. They get 1 more hit (plus a chance for one more at 3, which they make)... so you lose two units. You win the battle with six tanks left.

So what's better? That all depends on what you like playing... do you want a game of SKILL more like chess, where you can win based on your brilliant battle strategy and not be frustrated next time your two battleships lose to a transport? Or, do you want a game of LUCK where your four Russian infantry can hold off against a barrage of incoming tanks and bombers?

The choice is yours... but at least now you know HOW to play LL dice!

While you're learning, we have a Low Luck Dice Battle Simulator online here that you can use to guess-timate the outcomes of your battles. It's not perfect (and it doesn't take things like 2-hit battleships into account) but it's good enough for figuring the odds of most battles.