TripleA Supply Depot

 is an open source turn based strategy game engine.
One feature of TripleA is, that it checks the validity of almost any moves made. Knowledge of the rules is thus not necessary to play the game - while it is surely a plus.
Although TripleA evolved for a great deal around the idea of making Axis & Allies like maps playable, conveniently via the Internet, and under all the rule-sets, it is not limited to them. Over the span of its existence, excellent user generated maps arose, covering:

==> WWII
==> many other historical settings from the Romans to WW1
==> Science Fiction and Fantasy themes

They make usually for a great share of the games played.
The Axis & Allies like maps, inspired by the equally name board game, are not part of the official TripleA release anymore, due to a DMCA claim. They are, however, circulated in the community, thus can be easily obtained. Maps can be installed in a very easy manner.

Furthermore, there is exists a Ladder.

What u can find here:

==> Info and Help concerning TripleA (Beginners start here, but only after Downloading TripleA! Includes a Glossary.)

==> Links to other TripleA resources, like more Maps, the TripleA Download and the Forums and many more.

==> A selection of high quality Mods (Maps) for TripleA, including descriptions and screenshots.
Mod installation info (it's damn easy!).

==> A Jobs section where motivated people can get inspiration about how to contribute.

==> Misc Resources - a place where various useful resources are located, from beta versions of maps or general maps to start modding with to the TripleA logo set.