• General Registration OPENS Monday, June 1st, 2015.  Registration CLOSES Weds., Aug. 5th or when Rider Cap reached. 
  • "Finishers" from prior year's event are eligible for registration on or after Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015 See "2014 Results" on website for 19 eligible Finishers.  The 2014 Rider Number for eligible Finishers is reserved for them through May 31, 2015.

Available Rider Numbers

  12  13    
26     29  

Select a Rider Card Number from above, then Click on red "SIGN UP" link below

"SIGN UP" Reminders

  • Step One:  Complete the online "SIGN UP" form by clicking on the red text "SIGN UP" link above.
  • Step Two:  Return to this page.  Find and launch the "Rider Waiver 2015 NH" PDF located at the BOTTOM LEFT of this page.  Print, review and execute the Rider Waiver.  If you are riding Two Up, your companion must execute a separate Rider Waiver.  Make a copy of the Rider Waiver(s) for your records.
  • Step Three:  Make a copy of your Operator's license, front side if the motorcycle endorsement is on front, both sides if the endorsement is on the back.
  • Step Four:  Make a check payable to "Westchester Beemers Motorcycle Club" in the amount of $65.00. If you are riding Two Up, the amount of the check is $95.00.
Put the 
(1) original of the Rider Waiver
(2) copy of the Operator's license and
into an envelope addressed to "Trio Tour, c/o Joe Majsak, 26 Blackthorn Lane, White Plains, NY 10606."  Seal and mail - that's it!

Rider Waiver PDF


Click on the "Rider Waiver 2015 NH" PDF below to print it out.

Joe Majsak,
Feb 27, 2015, 2:58 PM