Scoring & Finishers


o   Finisher Requirements:  bag 100% of the Checkpoints for all 3 days.  You do not have to bag Wild Cards to be a Finisher.

o   The Finisher with the most points wins.  Riding efficiency breaks all ties.

o   All Finishers will receive a Certificate at the Closing Dinner.

o    Plaques will be presented to first, second and third place Finishers.

o   The Halo Award will be awarded via random drawing at Closing Dinner.  Eligibility:  maintain Halo status over all three days and you must be present to win.


o    “Checkpoint” bonus locations consist of Bonus ID with 3 alpha characters.

o   “Wild Card” bonus locations consist of Bonus ID with 4 alpha characters.


o   A bonus location can be obtained only on the “Day” designated.  You cannot bag a Checkpoint or Wild Card bonus prior to or after the “Day” designated.

o   Checkpoints and Wild Card bonuses can be bagged in any order.


o   Ties:  all ties will be broken by Riding Efficiency Score.

o   Riding Efficiency Score (RES):  total points divided by miles.  Example:  two riders accumulate 5,865 points.  Rider A covered 1,065 miles for a RES of 5.50 (5,865 divided by 1,065).  Rider B covered 1,100 miles for a RES of 5.33.  The highest RES value wins; Rider A wins the tie.

o   An Odometer Check is part of Weds. check-in process.  It will also be part of the daily rider check-in process. 

o   A voluntary Odometer check-in is available from 6:00A to 8:00A each morning.  This will scrub any mileage accumulated after the daily check-in the preceding evening.


o   Riding on Interstate Highways is prohibited.  Penalty:  100% point penalty for all points bagged on the day of the infraction.  Riding on Interstates violates the spirit of the event and is a code violation.


o   You must check in with the Rally Master or a designated Scorer within the daily check-in window.  You will not be scored if you arrive after the daily check-in window closes.