Olga, Dmitriy and Tatyana immigrated to the United States in January 2002. They met  each other while working at Nelly Berman School of Music and became close friends.

Olga and Dmitry formed their piano duet after they got married in 1988, and performed classic and modern pieces in different countries including Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Austria and a few others.

Tatyana and Olga started their music collaboration in the vocal aspect of music,which includes arias, songs and duets from Italian and Russian repertoire as well as Broadway.

In 2010, they started a student concert series. Children Helping Children 2010  Perform-A-Thon was organized by Jacob's Music and held at ABC studios in Philadelphia. After encountering a big success, they decided to continue the concert series for Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

One of them was held in 2012 at the personal 9-foot Steinway concert - on a grand piano that traveled the globe with Vladimir Horowitz. 

The brilliant idea of a piano trio came about in December of 2012, but very soon, Olga, Dmitry and Tatyana realized how limited the 6 hands piano trio repertoire is. Therefore, they enriched their programs making their own arrangements and modifications. Their first concert was held in March 2013 and experienced a great success.

Tatyana, Olga and Dmitry