Senior Pastor, Rev. James Lane, 

Associate Pastor Helen Lane,

Pastor and Mrs. Lane are the founders of the Trinity Temple Church.  They have been preaching at Trinity Temple for over 54 years. Pastor Lane has dedicated his entire life to helping hurting people and preaching the Word of God. He has performed literally thousands Marriage Ceremony's, Funeral Services, Baptism Services as well as close to 7,000 consecutive Sunday Services. He is a decorated Veteran of WW II having served under Gen. George S. Patton. The couple have been married for 70 years

Associate Pastor Bob Larson,

Retired Army Colonel Robert Larson preaches from the unique perspective of a serviceman, a world traveler, a psychologist, and a father of three. He has a talent for taking life's everyday experiences and relating them to the Word of God.

Bible Study: Brother Enoch Talo.

A native of Central Africa, Brother Talo offers a                                                             unique understanding of the Bible based upon his                                                       own personal challenges as a resident of a war-torn                                                     third-world nation

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