Season 2011-12

Season summary


It was a moderately successful season with moments of joy and moments of failure.  We started the season well with three consecutive victories before the rain interruption came. The lack of practice was apparent in the match against Jhorpus but we did produce a good performance against the Trinity Fellows. Finally we lost to Pembchill in the MCR tournament semi final, which ends up our journey at this season.

Regarding statistics, we managed to play only six matches, we won three, drew one and lost two.  James McN is the highest scorer scoring 214 runs (avg 42.8) including a century against fellows and Biswas the skipper is the highest wicket taker with 10 wickets (avg 19.9), though being expensive in a couple of matches. Andy Haines deserves a mention for scoring 141 runs in just three innings. Other remarkable performances include Chris Maxwell and Dinesh Deshpande’s match saving boundaries, Elliott Bath’s 34 on a low scoring pitch, Mark Retter’s three wickets on the same match and last but not the least Tipstar Donald Tipper’s magic, that claimed four wickets while other bowlers failed.

I understand it is a bad feeling for those who played today and supported us for failing to reach final. We simply lack practice, our opponent was beaten by us a couple of months earlier but then they played 14 matches to get into a better shape than us today. However we should look into the positives, we now have a keen bunch of players, I am trying to organize a coach, a little more cooperation from our groundsmen and with more practice, and more friendly matches we do have the potential to make it better.

That is all from me now, I am not sure whether I will stay in office for a second term but I hope to play for Trins next year. Have fun everyone, Good Bye.




PembChill beats Trins


PembChill 210 -4

Trins 169-9


Was not a day for us. We started well, won the toss and elected to field as discussed in dressing room. The first three overs were on our side, Anthony did well on his first over for Trins and the skipper took out their opener cheaply thanks to a brilliant catch by Lee at square leg. Even the last ball of the third over missed the off-stamp of their best batsman by a couple of centimeters, which did has the potential to change the result. But then things started to turn wrong. The neutral umpire, who happens to be the Pembroke groundsman, was pretty strict about wides and lack of practice was also apparent in our bowling effort. The skipper tried his best to get them out by changing pace, but the magic which yielded him 4 wickets two days ago resulted 21 runs in an over today. We tried our other pacers who were decent but could not get a breakthrough. So it was upto Donald Tipper to get rid of Kosala thanks to yet another brilliant catch by Josh Nall at point. However we still cannot stop them scoring at 10 an over. They do have a pretty good batting line up as the fifth batsman also scored 23 runs in last over against some decent medium pace from Andy.

James McN and Andy gave us a brilliant start chasing a huge total of 210. They went well till 7th over scoring more than 70 but unfortunately James got bowled. Josh and Andy keep the rhythm going for a couple of overs but then we lost Josh, Al Fraser, Anthony and Julian in quick succession. It was almost impossible then to chase the target. Prof Green and Biswas tried to stop the drain of wickets but Biswas was given caught behind to a ball which popped up after hitting his pads. Ben went for 15 and Matt Fayers produced a quickfire  22 to reach a decent total of 169. But after all it turns out to be they are indeed a better side than us as for today.


Respectable draw with fellows


Trins 225-2

Trinity Fellows 149-6

This was the annual declaration match between graduates and fellows. Trins graduate won toss and elected to bat first. James McN and Josh open batting and a brilliant partnership ended after Josh was out on 54.  James McN recorded another century and declared for a cameo appearance of the skipper. On the other side the big hitting Andy kept on hitting sixes and scored 43.

The fellows started strongly with Cameron Petrie taking the lead to score almost 8 an over. They almost took the match away before the skipper got back in second spell to bowl a maiden over and then got both the openers out in a over by mixing some slower leg spins with regular good length deliveries. Afterwards Fellows lost the rhythm of scoring and lost two more wickets tamely. Prof Collini and Matt Fayers built up a solid partnership to deny the match to grads. Biswas got Matt bowled before 5 overs left but Collini and Tipper saved the match for fellows. The skipper got the consolation wicket of Tipper on his last ball.


Trins beats Selwyn Robinson

 Selwyn Robinson forfeited


Jhorpus beats Trins


Trins 102 -9

Jhorpous 106-4


A rain affected match, Trin lost its five players while bowling due to a graduate dinner at Trinity Hall.  The batting was quite affected by rain and 102 was not enough to stop the defending champions but Trins fought well till end but could not make it due to lack of bowlers and fielders.


Trins beats Emma-Hughes Hall by 3 wickets 

Venue: TrinHall Ground
Date: 10/06/2012

Emma-HughesHall 72 
Trins 74-7 (17.3 overs)

It was one of those bizarre matches full of excitement but in unexpected ways. The opposition did not turn up on time and we started a 15 over game among ourselves. Then a few turned up with no clear idea about others and then forced to start batting. Trins bowling showed its class one more time by making them 26-6 at one point. Finally, they manage to reach 72 in 20 overs perhaps due to lack of one fielder (which I realized just now). Mark Retter was the best bowler with a figure (4-0-8-3), well supported by Dinesh (2-13), Biswas (1-13), Davies, Black and Jehangir.

Trins lost Jehamgir on the second over, but Mark and Elliott (32 in 24 balls) played well in a pitch difficult to bat. They brought us within 30 runs to victory. However there was the second excitement, a rare middle-order collapse due to some tight bowling and clever field placement by the opposition. It was Mark and Nick’s patience that kept the match on our side and finally Dinesh, batting at an unusual no. 9 position, concluded the contest with a boundary.

Our next match will be next Sunday, probably against Jorpus, but as it seems now, we can put down any opponent, lets keep it up.

Trins beats Caius-Girton by 3 wickets 

Venue: Caius Ground
Date: 25/05/2012

Caius-Girton 122 
Trins 123-7 (19.5 overs)

A phenomenal performance by James McNamara (40* & 2-15), a solid knock from Al Fraser(38 & 1-16) and superb finish by Chris Maxwell (6* & 1-12) on debut sealed the match for Trins. It was a nail-biting finish requiring 6 runs in 3 balls and a flick followed by a cut from Chris was probably the best finish ever seen in recent few years of MCR cricket. 

The day started with Trins winning the toss and elected to field. Caius was a good batting side with at least four good batsmen. The idea was not to let them set with a bowler and using short spells to keep the bowlers running in warm weather. We started with Chris Maxwell and Al Fraser, Chris got his debut wicket on first over. Al was awesome with a few fearsome bouncers. Ubaid (1 -12) and James were accurate as usual and choked the run rate well. The skipper turned out to be the holder of worst statistics with 1-36 though being dropped once at slip. The frequent change of bowlers and decent fielding kept them to 122.

Trins started with Prof Green and Markus but unfortunately their scores are classified information... Chris Williams scored 10 at number 3 and Al scored a quick 38 and got out only when things seemed to turn easy. Thereafter it was only James. Josh (4) provided decent support to him and the great finish by Chris Maxwell will probably help to forget a golden duck by the skipper (was there an inside edge on the lbw before the ball hit above knee roll, lets forget it now) and three consecutive arm-shouldering by Lee when we were chasing a required run rate of 8 !!

Our next tournament fixture will be on 10th probably against Emma-Hughes Hall and the skipper did take notes and promise to be back with a better performance, stay tuned….

Trins beats Pembroke-Churchill by 5 wickets

Venue: Pembroke Ground
Date: 16/05/2012

PembChill 106 all out (18 overs, Kosala 50+, Williams, Qadri, Biswas,
Bernhardt - 2 wickets each, McNamara, Petrie - 1 wicket)

Trins 107-5 (16 overs, Fraser 28, Arjun 16, McNamara 16)

It was the first match of Trins MCR on a rare sunny day in middle of the British monsoon and the Pembroke captain and groundsman managed to cut out a new pitch for the match.  The ground was still soft as well as the pitch. Trins bowled first with Cam Petrie and James McNamara, who used to be the opening bat but quickly suit in the new role of opening bowler. PembChill started with their captain and their star player, Kosala. Cam and James were pretty accurate and the magic swing of Petrie gifted him a round the leg bowled. Markus came as first change and the skipper as the second change bowler. They both suffered some big hits from Kosala and PembChill reached 64 in 8 overs. Kosala retired ‘as per convention’ after his fifty and Trins got their grip back on. The skipper went for 18 runs in his first 9 balls but compensated by leaking only 3 runs and two wickets in the next 15 deliveries. Markus, Ubaid and Chris Williams did the rest of damage by taking two wickets each and though Kosala was back on 16th over, they were all out for 106 in 18 overs. The fielding was ecstatic with a couple of brilliant catches by Cam Petrie at short cover and Arjun Dasgupta at point supported by Alastair at wicket, who did not offer a single bye.

Trins started with Arjun and Mr ‘dependable’ Williams. They did exactly what was needed, stayed calm and not loosing wickets. The pair was duly supported by PembChill opening bowlers who kept on bowling wides to keep the run rate steady. Arjun was run out after scoring 16 and Chris gifted his wicket as he was getting late for something he did not mention to the team management (the mgmt is considering to gift him a Bugatti so that he can stay longer in the field). Number 3 batsman was Dr Fraser, the clean hitter. His quick 28 decorated with a huge six and supported by ‘cool as cucumber’ attitude by Nizami junior almost sealed the match for Trins. Nizami retired to give some batting practice to other batsmen and Lee obliged with a nice sweeping four before he was out in some strange way none in sideline could understand. James brought us within 10 runs to victory and the skipper got a chance to show his batting skill with a copybook forward defence that can make Dravid proud before switching back to his normal sweeping mode. Finally a pull + top edge from Josh sealed the victory with four overs remaining without needing Cam and Markus to bat at all. 

Previous Reports

Trinity BAs (159-5 off 19.1 overs) destroyed Trinity Undergrads (155/4 off 20.0) by five wickets.

Kudos to opening bowlers Rutty and McNamara, with good support from Qadri and chums. We had them on the ropes early doors but Tom Anthony surprised us all with a brave and accomplished 46* supporting captain Chris Williams (50-summat not out).

Woolford then outfoxed his opposite number by sending out Dento and K-Wilson to see off the shine and let the ball swell with water before our big guns came out to take apart the bowling attack. McNamara (22) and Rutt started the recovery from 8/3 off 5 overs. A Kiwi-swap saw Julian 'I haven't played cricket for twelve years' Peat come in to partner Rutt and these two took the game to the brink of victory. Julian was shown no respect as they constantly brought the field in when he was on strike, only for him to smash through for boundaries on his way to 37*. But the game belonged to Rutt, MVP, who backed up his good bowling with 73-ish runs off hardly any balls before gallantly giving up his wicket with the winning line in sight to 
allow skipper Woolford (Strike rate 400%) to take the winning runs of a famous victory.

Apparently Julian meant 'I haven't played *international test-match *cricket for twelve years' as it looked like he was seeing the ball as if it were a football. Mind you, the one they replaced after 13 soaking overs *was* the size of a football...