What we are

We are an international, interdenominational (Orthodox, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, etc) association of monastics (including bishops, priests, deacons), hermits or solitaries, domestic or isolated monastics and hermits in their own homes, oblates, associates, enquirers, seekers and laity interested in and/or living the monastic life.
We are in many different countries (South Africa, Spain, France, England, Sweden, Russia, Canada, USA, etc), and have our international, administrative headquarters at Trinity Priory International in South Africa under archbishop ++Ioannes.
Because we are from different liturgical churches and rites, each individual retain his church denomination and his or her rite. Thus we celebrate a number of different rites, liturgies and Divine Offices or Opus Dei.

As for the solitaries, we live as individuals or as groups (small sketes), communities or monasteries. We respect each individual's level and need for his/her degree of solitude, his/her level of spirituality and do not disturb their need for solitude in any way. We welcome anyone of goodwill. Apart from celebrating the Liturgy, Mass or Divine Office, we also have quiet meditation periods.
We are involved in many different ministries, for example spiritual direction (some of us are members of Spiritual Directors International, which have more than 60,000 members in the US alone), ministries among the homeless, the poor, bereaved, drug addicts, alcoholics, the blind and death, paraplegics, music and other art ministries, icon writing, exorcisms, encloistered contemplative lives, etc, etc.
We have an interdenominational list of more than 460 members (bishops, priests, monastics, hermits, laity, seekers, enquirers) for monastic subjects and practices, spirituality, mysticism, contemplation, vocations (to the priesthood and monastic life) at YAHOO - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/monasterion

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