Year-End Reflection: 2nd and 3rd Grades

Congratulations!  You have experienced another year of discovering, growing and learning.  Take some time to revisit all of the learning experiences you've added to your My Learning portfolio.  
What is your learning story?


For this assignment, you will look at your My Learning portfolio and complete prompts about your strengths, talents and learning styles.  


2.  Read the reflection prompts

3.  Work with a partner to discuss what each prompt means

4.  Look at the learning experiences you have saved in your My Learning portfolio for ideas to complete the reflection prompts

5.  Write key words or sentences for each prompt on the Year-End Reflection sheet

6.  Create a new note in your My Learning portfolio and name it Year-End Reflection

7.  Take a picture of yourself

8.  Record yourself talking about your reflection.  If you choose to include a photo of your reflection sheet, be sure to focus the camera.