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What does the "Reformed" in Trinity Reformed mean?

The word "Reformed" refers to our history and beliefs. The Reformed Church grew out of a movement to renew or reform the church in the 16th century known as the Protestant Reformation.  The word "Reformed" in our name indicates that our history as a church is rooted in this movement.   The word "Reformed" also indicates that we agree with the truths emphasized by this renewal movement:

  • the importance of the Bible alone as the source of the church's teachings and beliefs.
  • the good news that salvation doesn't depend on us, but instead is a gift of God's grace that we receive through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  • the truth that every person in the church has a gift or ability that they can use to help the church in its ministry to its members and to the world around us.

Many churches belong to a larger group of churches often called a denomination. Our denomination is the "Reformed Church in America." The denomination helps to support the ministry of our church by providing accountability, structure, multi-church events (especially for youth) and resources and support for our programs and activities.

The Reformed Church in America was founded in colonial times by settlers from the Netherlands.  The Reformed Church in the Netherlands (Holland) began in the 16th century. The Belgic Confession of Faith (1561) and the Heidelberg Catechism (1563) summarized the biblical beliefs of the new church; later, the canons of the Synod of Dort (1619) were added.  These confessions continue to be a helpful summary of our beliefs still today.

For more information about our beliefs, please see our doctrinal statement.


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