Build Up the Body of Christ

Workouts in the Word

The Daniel Plan
Sundays at 12:12pm in the Fellowship Hall with Pastor Dan. Remember 5 "F"s: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, Friends. Give these 5 "F"s to God, and God has got someone whose Daniel Strong. We're enjoying this healthy & holistic way of practicing our faith; Join Us!

Book of James
Sundays at 9:15am in Multipurpose Room with Pastor Dan.

Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions
Sundays at 9:15am in the 4th Grade Room with Deb Heuer. For Women of All Ages.

Arise for Women's Bible Study on Mondays, 6:15am, Conference Room. Deb Heuer leads the study on the book of Hebrews, and she brews the coffee!

ACTS 1–12: From Jerusalem to Antioch
Sail through the first 12 chapters of the Book of Acts with Pastor Coe & Pastor Matt Knopf. This class will put the wind in our sails for Discipleship & Mentorship in 2014. Come to the Conference Room EITHER Mondays @ 11am OR Wednesdays @ 10:30am.

Friendship in Christ
Since 1978, women have faithfully flocked around coffee, snacks, and God's Word on Tuesday mornings and found friendship in Christ. Enjoy sisterly fellowship on Tuesdays at 9:30am with Gloria Royuk.

Grief Share
This 13-week course leads us on the journey from mourning to joy. Christians share the loss of a loved one and the hope found in Jesus. Tuesdays at 6:30pm with Pastor Heuer in the 4th Grade Room.

Vic's Cafe
Exit your homes early for breakfast at Vic's Cafe (500 S. Main St.) on Thursdays at 6:30am & exegete Exodus with Pastors Levenhagen & Heuer.

New Member Class
Join Trinity & become a Muscular Member of the Body of Christ. Email Pastor Coe ( to get pumped.

Workouts in the World

Befriend Mentoring Program
Outreach makes us nervous, but Jesus inspires us with His Holy Spirit to Build Up the Body of Christ not only in Jerusalem & Judea (to our family & friends) but also in Samaria & the Ends of the Earth (to those we sometimes avoid). Becky Shaw came & spoke to us on March 16 about the Befriend Mentoring Program, and Pastor Coe & more Trinity members are becoming Befriend Mentors this year to make a difference in the lives of some Fremont individuals and families. Is the Holy Spirit nudging you to Stretch & to Grow? Speak to Pastor Coe ( to Build Up the Body of Christ!

Blast Supper IV
Build Up the Body of Christ & Have a Blast having other Trinitarians over for supper. Blast Supper IV is the Weekend of April 13. Sign up at the Plug In Hub to be a Host or Guest. Children Welcome!

Hazels & Henrys
Hazels & Henry's move their muscles to tend God's temple here at Trinity. Sign up at the Plug In Hub to be a Hazel or a Henry for 1 year and feast on a THANK YOU BBQ on April 22, 2014.

Rebuilding Together
GLORY to GOD for all He accomplished through our Muscles for our Fremont Neighbors by partnering with Rebuilding Together for 6 Saturdays this past fall! We cleaned up numerous yards & gutters; scraped & painted 2 garages & 1 shed; painted one interior hallway; scraped & painted a 20 ft high dormer; cleaned, primed, & painted 1 bathroom; cleaned up the ECC yard & gutters; cleaned out 1 home; and executed several kindnesses for our shut-ins. Whenever we Move our Muscles for our Neighbors, we Build Up the Body of Christ!

Home Run
Over 20 Trinity families are Building Up the Body of Christ by hitting a Home Run in the life of one of our Homebound Members, visiting them once a month this school year with their families & friendship. See Pastor Dan or Pastor Coe to Hit a Home Run!

Trinity Zumba Classes
Build Up the Body of Christ with Zumba on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 6:05pm, ECC Gym. Call the ECC for more info (402-721-1076).