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                                      Welcome to PTL!        


                As a parent you are automatically a member of Parent Teacher League.  We encourage you to help support our school through fundraisers and activities, which will provide many resources for your children.  At our meetings we discuss how to raise funds and how the money raised should be spent.  Please attend PTL business meetings when you can. 


                This year we have a need to raise funds for new volleyball equipment.  Our existing system is over 20 years old and is showing its age.  We were approached the last couple years by the referees about the fact the net was not meeting regulations because it tends to slip and droop in the middle.  We checked into the cost of new systems and discovered it’s going to cost $4000.  While we have funds in the Sports account, we do not want to deplete it on this one purchase.  We are sponsoring a Taco-in-a-Bag food stand at the Hoffman Town-Wide Rummage Sale on August 6th and the proceeds will be directed to the Volleyball equipment.  We would appreciate you coming out to support us on this.  The volleyball girls will be planning additional fundraisers this year to attempt offsetting some of the cost of the equipment. 


                We would appreciate parents volunteering to be a chairperson and/or helper for our other Fundraisers.  If you have suggestions for future fundraisers, please do not hesitate to bring them to PTL.  We are always interested in new options.  Chairing a fundraiser consists of contacting the companies to order sales brochures and distributing them at school.  Include your contact information for questions, scheduled sales dates, order deadlines, and pick-up dates with all sales brochures.  You will be required to organize and enter orders when they are turned in.  Most companies offer an easy to enter order form or online order entry to assist you.  Please use the Trinity Times weekly newsletter to keep parents updated on fundraiser activities.  When the product arrives, you need to be at school to receive it and sort orders for pick-up.  We recommend at least two parents be involved in the receiving and delivery of orders.  Please give it some thought and maybe you and a friend could volunteer to run one of these fundraisers.


                This year’s Special Events include the Jump Rope for Heart (Oct), Christmas Craft Day (Dec) Grandparents Day (Apr), Family Reading Night (Nov) and we cannot forgot the Valentine’s Day Auction and Pork Chop Dinner.  The auction requires the help of all parents.  But these other days are certainly not to be forgotten.  If you are able to volunteer your presence or perhaps supplies for any of these events, please let Mrs. Boester or Mrs. Rita Tyberendt know in advance.  They will have the organizers contact you with more information.


                We are looking for volunteers to return books to the shelves in the library and to help collect recycling.  Please keep in mind if you are working full time and don’t have the time to donate, we will gladly accept the help of other family members.  If you have a family member who may be interested in helping out, or perhaps you know a youth in need of a service project, please keep us in mind.  Both of these chores are in need of a weekly volunteer to keep up with demand.  Please contact Mrs. Boester. 


                We look forward to yet another GREAT YEAR here at Trinity Lutheran School!  If at any time you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact one of the officers listed below.




President                            Mia Zimmermann                            560-3814 cell /226-3462 home

Vice President                     Kayla Wedekemper                          339-8981 cell

Treasurer                            Annette Kleiboeker                          322-7414 cell/533-3465 home Secretary                            Michelle Livesay                               335-3902 cell

Caring Committee                Elaine Duensing                               367-0056 cell




2016/2017 PTL SCHEDULE


August 17th                 Opening Chapel w/ Refreshments         6:30 pm              Church/School Cafeteria

August 25th                 PTL Business Meeting                               6:30 pm              School Library

September 29th       Open House w/ Refreshments                6:30 pm              School/School Cafeteria

October 20th                PTL Business Meeting             6:30 pm          School Library

October 27th                Jump Rope for Heart              2:00  pm                  School

November 8th          Family Reading Night                 6-8 pm                      School
December 7th         Advent Service (Dinner before Service)     5:30 pm   Church/School Cafeteria
December 19th            Christmas Craft Day                   1:00              School Gym
January 19th                 PTL Business Meeting                6:30 pm              
School Library
February 12th               PTL Valentine Dinner/Auction                          School Gym

March 30th                   PTL Meeting                            6:30 pm           School Library

April 7th                         Grandparents Day                  TBD                      School
April 28th                       PTL Fun Day Picnic                                             School