Welcome Visitors and Residents of Gatlinburg!

We open the doors and hearts of Trinity Church to ALL people, inviting them to share unity with God and each other in Christ through prayer and worship.

We, the members of Trinity Episcopal Church, invite you to join us in worship and in friendly fellowship. From the outside, our church has a quaint Old English look which may appear a little formal to some, but inside you will find a warm, welcoming and casual atmosphere that makes folks feel comfortable.

Our services are structured. We follow a service guide drawn from a Prayer Book that has been used for generations. We find the services comforting and peaceful in their old, tried and true familiarity and repetition in this world of rapid change and instability.

We are friends growing in Christ. Our Priest talks with us about the Gospel appointed for each Sunday and reminds us that our God is a loving, forgiving and non-vengeful God. We believe that we have been given salvation by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We also believe that the teachings of Jesus are guides to a peaceful life of love and harmony with ourselves and one another.

Open-mindedness in religion and spiritual thought is a hallmark of the Episcopal Church. Each person is invited to think, ask questions and share beliefs and experiences. We seek to offer a safe haven in which each person can take his or her spiritual journey and experience the love of God personally.

We encourage you to wear what is most comfortable to you and not to worry about "dressing up". Our members come in blue jeans, running shoes, hiking boots, sandals, suits, ties and heels. So come, relax and worship with us just the way you are.

Sunday Services:         Online at YouTube at 10:00 Sunday morning-- Search for Trinity Gatlinburg

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Services may be viewed via YouTube.


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