Music Performed by our Music Director, Mr. Warren Kim

I'll Fly Away (Robert Brumley)

    God has given me a musical talent. It is the ability to play the piano. I have used this talent over a decade for His glory. The joy and the inexpressible happiness God graciously poured on me as I carried out this mission are beyond what I deserve. After a decade of serving Him through accompanying, God is strongly leading me to become a director of music. He has opened up the paths that I never expected. Even though, my talent may be weak, I am not afraid because God has always opened up for me.


(Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.


After moving to Denton to work on my doctorate degree (DMA) in music, God gave me Trinity Presbyterian Church in Mansfield to serve. The director of music should work together only for His glory, with other spiritual leaders that God placed at the church and also lead the church through the beautiful instrument called ‘music.’ Leading the worship and glorify Jesus Christ our Lord with the congregation is my main focus. And that is exactly what I am looking forward to do.