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Whitechapel Mission at Christmas

A band of volunteers from Trinity arrived just before 6:00 to cook and serve breakfast to the needy at Whitechapel Mission
We were met and organised by Sue Miller - a powerhouse of enthusiasm who made the place run like clockwork - together with her husband Tony
Trinity have already booked to do it all again next year.  Please click on this link to see full details of the work that they do at Whitechapel.   www.whitechapel.org.uk
A few photos to give a flavour of what goes on.
The kitchen waiting for action
Some of the supplies (such as those donated by Trinity) ready to be given out
Master Chef at work
A big serving of porridge from a little lady
Washing up as we go
Hard at work ? (a brief lull for the servers waiting for more customers)
Once it's all over time to get wet!