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Harvest Festival at Trinity Church

Our Harvest Festival this year was held on Sunday, 2nd October.
The different Church groups and organisations provided displays to decorate the Church based on the theme of "Giving Hunger The Boot"


Three wheelbarrow loads of food were collected for Enfield's Foodbank


Fadeke Ayoola of Farm Africa gave a presentation of the vital work being done in East Africa - featuring sweet potato production as a cash crop.
Here she is with some of the younger members of Trinity's congregation and Rev Kathleen Richardson - all keen to help give "Hunger The Boot"


As part of the service, the congregation moved down to the newly renovated Large Hall to continue the Harvest celebrations with a meal based around bread from around the world and activities for adults and children alike.

One of the favourite junior (and adult!) activities was making marshmallow and spaghetti structures!





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