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Consent Form to Collect & Use your Personal Information

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) there are occasions when Trinity Church must obtain your explicit consent to use your information, known as ‘Personal Data’.  Personal Data includes, but is not limited to your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Trinity Church would like to hold and use your information for the purposes set out below:

Please tick all relevant boxes to indicate your consent.  You may consent to all of the purposes, any number of the purposes or none of the purposes.  If you do not consent to Trinity Church using your information for the purposes listed below then we will not contact you.


¨  To include my contact details in the Trinity Church Directory.  The Directory is circulated to Local Church members and adherents. Please complete the form overleaf to show which details you give consent to put into the Directory.

¨ To keep me informed of news, services, activities and events at Trinity Church and across the Circuit

¨ To contact me with regards to specific fund raising events by Trinity Church

¨  To share my contact details with the Enfield Circuit Meeting, the URC Local area group, Thames North Synod and the London District so that they can contact you with regards to events or services which are relevant to the role you are undertaking e.g. training for Church Treasurers.

I consent to Trinity Church contacting me for the above purposes by:

¨ Post     ¨email     ¨phone     ¨SMS     ¨social media including Facebook, Twitter


Please note that if you do not return this completed form we will not be able to include you in our Church Directory and other communication.

Please complete your details below – the details you give will constitute the entry in the Church Directory:






Email Address:                                                                                       

Phone Number:                                                                                  

[Insert any others that apply]




You can change your consent preferences or withdraw your consent completely by contacting any of the Stewards or the Minister at Trinity, or by emailing
The use of your information will cease immediately except where we are required by law or under the terms of a contract to use your information e.g for the payment of wages where you are an employee of Trinity Church, Enfield.

For full details of Trinity Church, Enfield uses your information, please refer to our Privacy Policy which is available on the noticeboard inside Trinity Church.








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