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2014 Trinity Christian Academy Conquerors Marching Band

Welcome to the website of the Trinity Christian Band from Jacksonville, FL.   The site will be a link for all students and parents to stay informed about what it happening in the band at TCA.  It will give a place to look at the calendar, look at the handbooks, download forms and just have some fun with the pictures and fun stuff.

Click HERE for a printable copy

* February 21 - JU Private School Honor Band concert with guest composer and arranger Robert W. Smith.  7:00 pm at Terry Hall 
*  Saturday March 7 - FBA concert MPA.  4:30 pm at Mandarin Middle School
* Friday March 13 - FACCS State Fine Arts Competition.  TBA time at Trinity.
* Saturday March 14 - Mulch Madness deliveries
* April 15-18 - Nashville performing tour (Nashville Rescue Mission, Ryman Auditorium, Grand Ole Opry)
* April 22 - State FBA concert festival, Daytona Beach (tentative)
* April 24 - Jn FACCS (beginning, concert, intermediate).  Times and place TBA.
* April 25 - Wild Adventures Classic (concert, intermediate)
* May 12 - Spring Band Concert
* May ?? - Awards Banquet
* May 28 - Graduation  and Baccalaureate (Symphonic Band plays)

Saturday, March 14

Yes it's that time of year again and we are asking every band students to help us sell mulch for everybody's Spring landscaping.  We need every band student to take orders and then parents and older students are needed to deliver the mulch on March 14.  This is for all band students and we need everyone's help.  Profits will help build up our general fund and also help with travel expenses for those going to Nashville in April.  Please click HERE to download the forms and information and start selling now.  All money needs to be in by February 27. 


Please return money for all candy taken out on Tuesday, February 17.  Click HERE to see what your balance on candy is.  If you have unsold candy please pay us for the unsold candy and then pay yourself back as you are able to sell it.  We cannot return any opened boxes to the candy company.

April 15-18, 2015 
Nashville, Tennessee

* Final spring tour Payment of $125 minus fundraising  is due March 2.   Click HERE to  see your final balance as of February 25.  Pay the amount in the right hand column.  If there is a minus sign next to your name then you have money coming back.  Unpaid fees have been added into the total due except for candy and tux rental fees.  If you are selling mulch you can wait until we total up your profits and pay NO LATER than March 6.  If you have not made February's payment go ahead and do that now.  You will receive $1 per bag of mulch that you sell if we are able to meet the minimum order of 1000 bags.  It is certainly OK to pay in full before the mulch sale is over.   The student will receive back any extra money to use on the trip to help with meals after the trip fee for the student and parent(s) is paid.   Candy money is due February 17 and tux rental should be paid ASAP.  Revised Rooming List (2/7/15) and itinerary are below.

Please click HERE for the updated rooming list as of February 3.   It is crucial that parents and students get their payments in to remain on the tour list.  Remember that parents can pay by credit card directly to the tour company up to $369.  The total coast is estimated to be $575 with 3 or 4 to a room.  There may be an additional charge for those 2 to a room.  This will depend upon if our numbers hold and everyone pays.  Our tour company payments are past due and your timely payments are important so that we can make our payments.  A tour company agreement form was handed out and should be returned right away.  All students and parents should have paid $450 by this point.  Performances are planned at Nashville Rescue Mission evening chapel service and at the Grand Ole Opry. 

Click HERE for information and click tentative itinerary HERE for the itinerary.  Click HERE for a description of many of the sites in Nashville.  Click HERE for a credit card form (up to $369).  You may turn this form in instead of cash or check.  Click HERE for the tour company agreement form (required by the tour company.  Click HERE for the rooming list. 

Click HERE to go to the latest payment spreadsheet.  PLEASE contact me if you see an error (in your  favor or mine).  It's OK to pay off the trip now. 

PARENTS:  Please call Lisa Johnson at 596- 2441 to make sure that you are update with background information for the trip.  This is required of chaperones.

Spring Tour Payment Schedule

Oct 6 - $50, permission slip, and health form due

November 3  - $100

December 1 - $100

January 5 - $100

                                  February 2 - $100                                   

March 2 - $125


At some point a student is limited by the quality of his instrument.  A new instrument or music supplies would be a great gift anytime. Also make sure that any upgrades are quality name brand instruments.  Cheap China, no-name imports, will not give you satisfactory results and are subject to numerous breakdowns and poor intonation.  Ask Mr Cordell for suggestions or check with our friends at Music and Arts.

Handbooks are in the section to the left.  Click on the appropriate link.


Click HERE to find some important resource material for beginning band students.  You'll find this helpful.

Overlapping sports policy
This is a reminder that sports  (including marching band) that have overlapping seasons have  a policy from the school that you cannot just drop one sport to go to another until the first sport is finished.  Students wanting to do soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. should work carefully with your coach to come on days we do not have band practice or performances.  Your first obligation is to the band as you are graded on this and many of you receive academic credit for it.  Of course even for the Christmas concert, spring concerts and contests students are expected to give band priority as you do receive academic credit for your performances. 

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