Rules Used

We love to experiment with new rule-sets at Tring Wargames Club, but we also have a few perennial favourites. Here's the (ever-growing) list of the ones we have played over the last few years:-



 Warmaster Ancients
 Basic Impetus by Dadi & Piombo
 Dark Ages Dux Bellorum, by Osprey Publishing / North Star Miniatures
 Dux Britanniarum, by Too Fat Lardies
 Saga, by Studio Tomahawk
 Middle Ages /
 Wars of the Roses
 Soldiers of God, by Warwick Kinrade
 16th Century  Beyond The Pale
 English Civil War
 Regiment Of Foote, by Peter Pig
 The Kingdom is Ours, by Bicorne Miniatures
 Pike and Shotte, by Warlord Games
 Age of Piracy On The Seven Seas by Osprey / North Star
 American Revolution
 Patriots And Loyalists
 1700 - 1900  Black Powder, by Warlord Games
 Shako 2
 Rank and File, by Crusader
 Home-grown Naval rules
 American Civil War
 Glory Days
 Hammerin' Iron naval rules, by Peter Pig
 Home-grown Ironclad rules
 "Wild West"
 Home-grown rules
 Western Gunfight
 Dead Mans Hand, by Great Escape Games
 "Colonial" (ca. 1820 - 1914)
 A Good Dusting by David Bickley
 The Men Who Would be Kings by Osprey / North Star
 Congo by Studio Tomahawk
 First World War
 Wings Of War (aerial combat)
 Home-grown Naval rules
 Chain of Command (Balkan War scenarios)
 Second World War
 Blitzkrieg Commander II, by Specialist Military Publishing
 I Ain't Been Shot Mum, by Too Fat Lardies
 Chain of Command, by Too Fat Lardies
 Rate of Fire, by Crusader Publishing
 Actions Stations - Coastal Forces, by David Manley (small ship combat)
 Cold War
 Cold War Commander, by Specialist Military Publishing
 African Wars (ca.1950 - 80)
 AK47 Republic, by Peter Pig
 "Modern" (ca. 1980+)
 Home-grown "modern" Chain of Command
 Oscar Sierra Charlie by Evil Bear Games
 Frostgrave, by Osprey / North Star
 Dystopian Wars, by Spartan Games
Warhammer 40K
 Science Fiction
 Chain Reaction 2.0, by Two Hour Game
 Home-grown star-ship combat rules