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Chain Of Command Quick Reference Sheet by Ian Hopping.

Too Fat Lardies blog This is where they are publishing the extra army lists.

Army Lists

Link to TooFatLardies Forum topic - a central page giving links to all official Army Lists

Belgium Army List 1940

British Army List 1940

French Army List 1940

German Army List 1940

Italy 1940-41 Although intended for North and East Africa, it should also be OK for France or Greece in 1940, just leaving out the M13 and M14 tanks.

British in N.Africa 1940-41 and Afrika Corps 1941 

and for Far East 1941 Japan 1941-41 , British - Far East, 1941  for my benefit, not for the League )

.... and for those wanting to use 1939 forces:

Germany Army List 1939

Poland Army List 1939

Soviet Union Army List 1939-40

Finland Army List 1939 (Winter War)