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Chain Of Command Italian Campaign

Italy: December 1943

A mini-campaign, based around the fighting encountered in the 8th Army’s attacks across the Moro River in December 1943.
The British are launching an Battalion attack towards Spaccarelli. B Company is tasked with clearing the line of advance to the Sfasciala Ridge, C company is tasked with capturing the high ground to the west, which would allow the Germans to enfilade the line of advance to the objective. Once secured, the reserve companies will pass through B company and assault the final objective. The Battalion has been given two squadrons of shermans as support, each of the two advance companies have been allocated two troops of shermans to support their mission.

This campaign will play through C Company's involvement in this operation. Initially we will follow 7 Platoon who are leading the advance, through a series of games using the "At The Sharp End" rules, played on club nights. These will be representing a series of actions taking place over a 24 hour period (or longer, depending on whether the British players can stick to the plan). Then, at the club Open Day in June, we will play through C Company's main attack in a multi-player game using the "Big Chain of Command" supplement.

On to the initial cast of characters:

C Company HQ
Major Williams - Commanded the company throughout the Desert Campaign and through Sicily. Does not suffer fools....
Captain Johnson 
CSM Smith

 7 Platoon
Lieutenant Bellows - Young and inexperienced, joined the Battalion after the Sicily Campaign.
Sgt Dorkins - Veteran of the Western Desert, tasked to nursemaid the new Lieutenant.
1 Section - Corporal Jackson
2 Section - Corporal Harris
3 section - Corporal Watson

And their opponents:
A Kompanie HQ
 Hauptmann Wolff - Recently transferred from Russian Front, holds the Iron Cross and a reputation for getting his hands dirty!
Oberleutnant Rossmann
Oberfeldwebel Meyer

 1 Zug
Leutnant Wiess - New replacement from garrison duty in Paris, hasn't seen action since 1940.
Feldwebel Heinrichs - Young, fought in Greece and Sicily, fanatical Nazi, less than impressed by his new Leutnant!
1 Gruppe - Obergefreiter Thorn
2 Gruppe - Obergefreiter Stiller
3 Gruppe - Obergefreiter Ehrhardt