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10mm Bocage

This is a really simple method of knocking up 10mm bocage cheaply (and I needed loads for my Chain of Command games!). This should work fine for 15mm or even 20mm.

Basic materials: pan scourers, lolly sticks, cheap flocking (I picked up a bag of the minced-up sponge stuff at my local art shop for a couple of quid), glue, filler (I use quick-drying wall filler from my local pound shop), diluted pva and spray varnish.

By some fluke, the pan scourers I bought were exactly the length of 2 lolly sticks! Cut the scourers to lengths approx. 15mm-18mm high. I trim the top with scissors to give some irregularity, after all these are not topiary hedges. Then glue the pan scourers to the lolly sticks.
Once set, smear the lolly stick and the bottom half of the pan scourer with filler to represent the earth bank. When this has dried I give it an undercoat of brown paint (again as a cheapskate I use the cheapest artist acrylic, about £2 for 120ml).
Cover the rest of the scourer with diluted pva and dunk in the tray of flock and leave to dry overnight.
Once dry, shake off the excess flock, then give a good coat of spray varnish. You could smear the whole thing in diluted pva instead, which will do the trick, but I found it takes a couple of days to dry fully. Paint the earth bank brown and it’s ready to use. I like to finish it them off with a bit of static grass on the banks. I know in reality the banks were quite overgrown with grass and scrub, but for gaming purposes I want clear definition between high hedges and actual bocage. I found some small railway trees with wire trunks for about 35p each, so I randomly poked those into the top of some of the bocage lengths. So far I’ve made just over 11 feet (about 3.5 metres) and I’ve only used half the materials. I already had the glue and spray varnish, so the whole thing has cost £8 (plus £7 for the trees which really are optional) and I've still got loads left.