Past campaigns, articles, reports, trips, photos etc.

 Show Reports
We regularly put on Demonstration Games
or Participation Games at local Wargames Shows.
Here are a few reports from some of those shows.
MK Campaign Show 2015

A campaign set in Italy during WWII using
 "At The Sharp End" campaign rules by Too Fat Lardies
Chain Of Command Italian Campaign
A club league set in NW Europe in the early stages of WWII using
Chain Of Command rules by Too Fat Lardies
 We were lucky enough to have Rich Clarke from Too Fat Lardies
come to the club to run a game of Chain of Command for us.
 This is a really simple method of knocking up 10mm bocage cheaply
 In 2013 a group of hardy souls from the Tring Club toured
some of the D-Day battlefields and museums.