Lion Rampant League

Following the success of the Chain Of Command League run in 2014/15, Graham decided to run a Lion Rampant league at the club, starting October, 2015.

First Round Draw

Second Round Draw

Third Round Draw

Fourth Round Draw

Fifth Round Draw

Sixth Round Draw

League Results to date

The League is open to all club members. You can use any army list printed in the rulebook, however you must use the same army for all the games. Once you have chosen an army, you are stuck with it.

There w
ill be 6 rounds and opponents and scenarios will be drawn on a random basis. Each round will consist of 2 scenarios from the book and each pair will be randomly assigned a scenario for their game. So in Round One, you will either play Scenario A – Bloodbath, or Scenario B – Defending the Indefensible.

I will provide a map for each round which will define any terrain features before the game. If possible I would like all 

the games for each round to be played within 6 weeks.

Players will roll for their leader’s skills at the start of each game, abilities will not carry over to future games. Other than any scenario s
pecific terrain, the rules will be played as written, with no house rules or amendments. You may use boasts if you wish.

Games will be scored as follows:

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a draw
  • 0 points for a loss
After all six rounds have been played the player with the highest score is the winner!

In the event of a draw for first place, the players will play final game to decide the winner.