Games Days 2017

Tring Wargames Club are running several Games Days in 2017, at which we put on one or more large day-long games.
Our Games Days give club members an opportunity to organise and play more ambitious battles than are possible at a normal Friday evening game and are for the benefit of members only. They are not Visitor Days..
They are run from 10am - 5pm.
There is a charge of £10 (concessions tbc) per person for the Games Days and must booked in advance to make sure we cover our costs.
We have to use a different hall to our normal club venue.

Sat, 18th March 2017
A World War 1 scenario - Aug 1914
A single platoon of Belgians will attempt to defend a village against three attacking German platoons.
The battle will be fought using 28mm figures, some recently finished scratch-built buildings from Henry, and the "Big" Chain of Command rules. There is a brief account of this battle here.

Sat, 29th April 2017
At present we have two games planned:-

American Civil War - the Battle of Cedar Run, Aug 9th 1862
This battle is generally recognised as the beginning of the Second Manassas campaign, in which the Confederates' now re-named Army of Northern Virginia under Gen. Robert E Lee defeated the Union Army of Virginia under Maj. Gen. John Pope. The battle effectively shifted the focus of the fighting from the Virginia Peninsula and the aftermath of the Seven Days, to northern Virginia.
Confederate forces under the command of Maj. Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson were ordered to march to Culpepper Court House to prevent a Union advance into central Virginia, when they were attacked by troops under the command of Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks, who had also faced Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley the previous Spring. The initial Union assault nearly drove the Confederates from the field, and only a last-minute rallying by Jackson of his old command, the Stonewall Brigade, plus the fortuitous arrival of AP Hill with reinforcements, saved the day for the Confederacy.
The extremely hot weather led to straggling in the Confederate columns, which combined with Jackson's habitual failure to inform his subordinates of his plans, nearly cost the Confederates dear.
However, it was Union General-in-Chief Halleck in Washington who lost his nerve after the battle and called off Pope's advance, thereby handing Robert E. Lee the initiative, which he held for the rest of the campaign.

It is intended to fight this battle using 28mm figures and the Regimental Fire and Fury rule-set. See our BatReps page for an account of the battle.

World War 2 - the Battle of Arras, May 21st, 1940
This was the famous Allied counter-attack by General Harold Franklyn against the flank of the German army, during the Battle of France.
German Army Group A under the command of Generaloberst von Rundstedt were advancing north-west from the Ardennes towards the English Channel, in an attempt to trap the Allied forces which had advanced east into Belgium. The counter-offensive was intended to cut off the head of the German armoured spearhead and isolate it from its supporting infantry units which had been unable to keep up. The Anglo-French attack from the north made early gains, captured some prisoners, and caused panic in some German units when the British Matilda tanks proved impervious to their light anti-tank guns, necessitating the deployment of 88mm Flak guns to drive them off. However, the British forces suffered from inadequate command and control and a confused battle-plan, French support was ineffectual, there weren't any British reserves positioned to exploit the gains, and the attack was eventually repulsed after an advance of about 10 miles. There was no support from the French forces on the southern side of the German advance, and the northern troops had to withdraw after dark to avoid the risk of encirclement.
The best that can be said of the battle from the British perspective is that it caused the German High Command (OKW) to take stock and consider their flank security, culminating in the infamous order to halt 48 hours later, which delayed their arrival at the Channel by at least a day. In the interim, the British were able to rush troops to the defence of both Calais and Boulogne, and meanwhile begin preparing plans for the evacuation at Dunkirk which began five days later.

It is intended to fight this battle using the Blitzkrieg Commander rule-set, and 10mm models and figures. There is an account of this battle here.

Sat, 9th September 2017 10:00am to 5:00pm
Several games are planned:-

Alternative American Civil War - the Battle of Hagesboro
Another battle in our Sixty Days to Gettysburg series, an alternative history view of the American Civil War.

It is understood that there will be some Warhammer 40K games on show as well.

Sat, 7th October 2017 10:00am to 5:00pm
At present we have two games planned:-

American Civil War - the Second Battle of Corinth, Oct 3-4 1862
Another battle in our series examining the important battles of the Western theatre. This follows on from Shiloh, which we looked at last year - see our BatReps page.

In this engagement, Maj Gen William Rosecrans, commanding the Federal Army of the Mississippi, defeated the Confederate Army of West Tennessee commanded by Maj Gen Earl Van Dorn, at Corinth in northeast Mississippi. Although Rosecrans was criticised by the Union's overall Western commander, US Grant, for failing to pursue the Rebels immediately after the battle and thereby allowing Van Dorn to escape destruction, the battle did occur in parallel with the Confederacy's ultimately fruitless invasion of Kentucky which culminated in the battle of Perryville. Together, Corinth and Perryville assured that the Union grip on both Kentucky and Western Tennessee would be maintained for the rest of the war. We will be examining Perryville in a another battle in this series.

The battle will be refought using 15mm figures and the Fire and Fury rule-set.

War of the Spanish Succession - the battle of Almanza 25th Apr 1707
Almanza was one of the most decisive engagements of the War of the Spanish Succession. Despite the Duke of Marlborough's successes at the battles of Blenheim and Ramillies, Almanza ensured that securing the Spanish throne for the Hapsburgs became a near impossibility.  It is also notable as "probably the only battle in history in which the English forces were commanded by a Frenchman, and the French by an Englishman."
 The battle will be fought with 10mm figures and Black Powder rules.

Sat, 4th November 2017 10:00am to 5:00pm
At present we have one game planned:-

An Invasion of Belgium scenario - Aug 1914
Our World War 1 scenario from earlier in the year was highly acclaimed by those who took part, so we will be running another one, again using 28mm figures and the "Big" Chain of Command rules.