Demo Games for 2016

In 2016 Tring Wargames Club ran Demo Games at several local shows.

We had two Demo Games planned for this year. One is based on the French invasion at Fishguard (1797) using Donnybrook rules. The second is set during the First Balkans War (1912-1913) using Chain Of Command rules.

We ran the Fishguard game on :
  • Sunday March 6th at Overlord in Abingdon.
  • Saturday 7th May at Campaign in Milton Keynes
  • Saturday 10th September at Colours in Newbury
  • Saturday 22nd October at Gamesfest in Tring (a small local event)
  • Sunday 20th November at Warfare in Reading
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First Balkans War
We ran the First Balkans War game on :
  • Sunday 29th May at Vanquish in Bourne End, Bucks (this is a new show)
  • Saturday 19th November at Warfare in Reading
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2017 Shows
We are already booking with show organisers for 2017 - click here for details