Current Activities

These are some of the ongoing campaigns and activities going on at Tring Wargames Club

 The Men Who Would Be Kings League

A club league using the Osprey rules by Daniel Mersey.
Starting October 2017.

Show Games for 2017  

In 2017, Tring Wargames Club hopes to run Demo
 or Participation Games at several local shows. 

Demo Games for 2016 

 Games Days 2017

Tring Wargames Club runs several day-long sessions each year.

Click here to see what is being planned


Lion Rampant League

A club league based on the Lion Rampant
medieval rules written by Daniel Mersey
and published by Osprey

Lion Rampant League

 Sixty Days to Gettysburg

An alternative American Civil War campaign

an initiative by club members adapting the TooFatLardies
Chain of Command WW2 skirmish-level rules to play modern scenarios

Modern Chain Of Command

Demo Games for 2016

In 2016 Tring Wargames Club ran
Demo Games at several local shows.


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