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Operation Sealion - the planned German invasion of Britain for 1940.
A scenario by Graham Harrison using Blitzkrieg Commander II rules by Specialist Military Publishing.
Played on our Open Day on 6th August 2011.

The layout facing south. Total table size is 12' x 4'.

It's probably easiest to refer to each area by refering to North, South, East and West. So the train is in the NW sector.

Perhaps I should have taken the photo from the other end to point North, but then I would have got a crotch-shot of the giggling club members preparing the armies.

At dawn on 22nd September the 20th Fallschirmjager Regt was dropped inland of Folkestone and Hythe to capture Lympne airfield and the bridges crossing the Military Canal. The bridges were to be held until relieved by the seabourne troops landing on the coast later in the morning.

There are three groups of Fallschirmjagers. One at the NW bridge and two at the NE bridge.

All the objectives were initially secured, but elements of the 44th Royal Tank Regt breached the paratrooper’s perimeter around noon and took one of the bridges. The bridge was recaptured, but not before a number of British tanks had crossed to the southern bank to support the 5th Royal West Kent battalion, who were holding the area between Hythe and Folkestone.

The British front line facing the advancing invasion troops coming from the South.

The SW side is defended by British infantry with 2-pdr anti-tank guns and a minefield on the far West flank.

The SE has more infantry, this time with a couple of Bofors guns straddling the road and a minefield protecting the Eastern flank.

Behind the front line is a third Bofors on a hill and Matilda I and Matilda II tanks in reserve.

Behind them is another line of infantry, but they only have an anti-tank rifle or two and they are watching the Fallschirmjagers behind them.


German seabourne troops have landed on the south coast and need to reach the bridges crossing the Military Canal to head inland.

They emerge from a hedged road in the SE corner.
The Matildas move off the hill and burst through the hedge to help block the German advance in the SE.

The Matildas form up with a line of fire between the Bofors guns as German infantry and light tanks come their way.

This is great for the British. They can keep this up all day, so what's happening at the bridges?

British reinforcements approach the bridges from various points in the North.

Two Matilda Is with infantry advance towards the NE bridge.

British Vickers MkIV tanks and infantry advance towards the NW bridge.

The Home Guard have arrived just South of the NW bridge. The British have the NW bridge in a pincer. Are the Home Guard the hammer or the anvil?

Sadly they have already lost two trucks of infantry due to a Command Blunder that reversed them back off the table as soon as they arrived.

Back at the Southern end of the table the Matildas have blundered sending the two Matilda IIs forwards and into the danger zone. More German armour has arrived and it's getting heavier. Suddenly it all goes wrong as the two Bofors are taken out and it's left up to the Matidas and infantry with anti-tank rifles on the SE side to stop the rising tide of Germans.
Then disaster in the SW as the two 2-pdr anti-tank guns are destroyed leaving just infantry with anti-tank rifles. There must be a German breakthrough on the British front line soon, but in fact the ATRs do a good job for a while.

At the NW bridge the pincers are closing in on the Fallschirmjagers. They have an anti-tank gun but it's pointing at the Home Guard across the canal. The Vickers tanks have managed to close right in.

The infantry in the canal are actually in the building.

To make matters worse for the Germans at the NW bridge there are British A10 tanks approaching.
And in the NE more Home Guard have swarmed all over an isolated pocket of Germans.
Back in the south and German tanks have forced a gap in the British front line and pushed on through leaving their infantry to mop up the remaining British infantry.
Still more German reinforcements arrive. The rising tide has become a flood.
Three Pz 38(t) have broken through the British front line and try to storm past the Bofors on the hill. It takes out one and hits another.
Just at that moment the British A10 tanks come South over the NW bridge to be met by a jubilant Home Guard Commander. They destroy the remaining Pz38(t)s.
At the NE bridge, with much of their force destroyed the remaining Fallschirmjagers can only watch as Matilda Is rumble South over the bridge.
Even more German columns arrive from the coast. The flood has become a Tsun-army. Sorry, I thought of that one while I was walking the dog and couldn't resist it.

The Germans are finally through the British front line in force, but the sun is setting and the British are back in control of the bridges crossing the Military Canal.

The Germans will have a difficult job tomorrow.