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Recoveries and Controls


Incredible Journey

Many of you will have seen a Goldcrest when you are out and about and even perhaps in your garden. The Goldcrest is the smallest European bird weighing as little as 5 grammes: 4 to 5 birds to an imperial ounce. Despite their size they are able both to overwinter in severe cold and 18 hour darkness north of the Arctic Circle and to migrate the breadth of Europe to escape even worse winter conditions....... 


Eastern Chiffchaff?

Birds start to return back in the UK during March. National ringing data shows that the route north is usually more westerly and there are very few recoveries of birds in the Low Countries. Interestingly at Tring we have now had two birds that have moved in this direction.  These could be continental birds breeding in Denmark or Sweden that are moving south through the east side of Britain.

Chiffchaff originally ringed Vester Vedsted Vildplet, Ribe, DENMARK on 31/10/2014 that was retrapped at Wilstone Reservoir on 5/11/2015 (731km).

Chiffchaff ringed at Marsworth on 19/09/2015 retrapped on 22/05/2017 at De Koog, Texel, THE NETHERLANDS (396km).

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