TRIMRS Leadership & Membership

TRIMRS Executive Committee

The TRIMRS Executive Committee is composed of a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  Serving two-year terms, and voted into position by the TRIMRS Steering Committee, the Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing and providing the subawardee with guidance regarding all contracts with funding agencies and the Coordinator; helping to establish a Work Plan; ensuring execution of the Work Plan; recommending an annual budget; developing the Healthcare Coalition Strategic Plan; and other duties as determined necessary.

The Executive Committee positions are voluntary and should always represent TRIMRS membership.  Currently, the following individuals hold positions on the Executive Committee:
  • Chairperson:  Randy Boltz, Howard County Medical Center
  • Vice-Chairperson:  Michele Bever, South Heartland District Health Department
  • Treasurer:  Andrew Hills, Central District Health Department
  • Secretary:  Loren Uden, Clay County Emergency Management
In an actual emergency response, the Executive Committee serves to advise the TRIMRS Coordinator, as needed, especially in situations wherein there is a greater demand for resources than resources exist.

TRIMRS Coordinator
Laura Meyers, Coordinator

Laura Meyers serves as the TRIMRS Coordinator, a role she has filled since December, 2005.  Laura assists the TRIMRS Steering Committee is fulfilling the annual work plan to meet DHHS requirements.  This includes organization and regional planning; facilitating education and training; assisting in the development of local and regional exercises; and helping new emergency response coordinators orient to their positions.  She also develops reports and maintains the annual budget.
Hospitals and other healthcare/response organizations may wish to consider contacting the TRIMRS Coordinator for any of the above services or in the following situations or for the following resources:  medical surge and mass casualty events; mass fatality events; the potential for overwhelming bed capacity; assistance in contacting other healthcare organizations in the region or statewide to obtain medical supplies, equipment, personal protective equipment, and human resources; for activating the TRIMRS-owned mobile medical assets; or to alert other TRIMRS members of an event that has the potential to alter its normal operations to a point that additional resources may be needed.
TRIMRS Steering Committee

TRIMRS utilizes grant guidelines developed by the Department of Health & Human Services to consider the make-up of the TRIMRS membership.  At this time, membership includes hospitals, health departments, emergency management, regional behavioral health, EMS representation, and funeral director representation.  Membership can and will be expanded as resources allow.

The TRIMRS Steering Committee is comprised of members of TRIMRS.  Member organizations may choose their representative as they see fit.  This representative(s) is encouraged to have an administration, security, safety, facilities management, and/or clinical background.  Organizations may also elect to have one or more primary representative on the Steering Committee and other "subject matter experts" on subcommittees, task forces, etc...  This will allow the appropriate individuals to provide leadership and input into development of regional plans and processes based upon their own organization's needs.

Regardless of organization size, each hospital, health department, emergency management and regional behavioral health member organization has one vote at the TRIMRS Steering Committee.  EMS and funeral directors are represented by one individual each, and the Central Nebraska Medical Reserve Corps has one representative.  Member roles and responsibilities are outlined in the TRIMRS Coalition Letter of Agreement and include the following:
  • Assist, as indicated, in planning for the Healthcare Coalition to fulfill the requirements as indicated in the Hospital Preparedness (HPP) grant award;
  • Have an understanding of the eight healthcare capabilities;
  • Participate in meetings that address the various aspects of disaster planning;
  • Assist in the development and coordination of the Healthcare Coalition goals and objectives;
  • Assist in plan development by identifying and prioritizing essential healthcare assets and services, and by helping to write, review and disseminate the healthcare coalition regional plan;
  • Determine gaps in preparedness and help in the identification of resources, information and intelligence to fill these gaps, as indicated;
  • Help to ensure that he healthcare capabilities plans are in alignment with the public health capabilities planning.
The TRIMRS Steering Committee meets every month (third Friday, between 10:00 - 11:15 a.m. CT) either in-person, via telehealth or telephone, or virtually, via online tools.  Meeting agendas, handouts and minutes can be found on this website or by contacting the TRIMRS Coordinator at 308-293-0623, or

TRIMRS Membership

TRIMRS members include the following organizations:

Emergency Management


Adams County Emergency Management

Buffalo County Emergency Management

Clay County Emergency Management

Custer County Emergency Management

Dawson County Emergency Management

Franklin City Emergency Management

Franklin County Emergency Management

Hall County Emergency Management

Hamilton County Emergency Management

Harlan County Emergency Management

Howard County Emergency Management

Kearney County Emergency Management

Merrick County Emergency Management

Nuckolls County Emergency Management

Region 15 Emergency Management

Region 26 Emergency Management

Brodstone Memorial Hospital

Callaway District Hospital

Cozad Community Hospital

Franklin County Memorial Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital

Gothenburg Memorial Hospital

Harlan County Health Systems

Howard County Medical Center

Jennie M. Melham Memorial Medical Center

Kearney County Health Services

Kearney Regional Medical Center

Litzenberg Memorial County Hospital

Lexington Regional Health Center

Mary Lanning Memorial Healthcare

Memorial Community Health

Phelps Memorial Health Services

Saint Francis Medical Center

Valley County Health System

Webster County Community Hospital

Health Departments


Central District Health Department

Loup Basin Public Health Department

South Heartland District Health Department

Two Rivers Public Health Department

Central NE Medical Reserve Corps

Mass Fatalities Subcommittee Chairperson

North Central EMS Representative(s)

Region II Behavioral Health

Region III Behavioral Health

South Central EMS Representative(s)

Veterans Administration

Any appropriate city or county government official in the TRIMRS area