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  • Queen's Heart Tourney Format

    For this Queen's Heart Tourney at Spring Coronation 2015, there will be a slight change. There will be a scroll for the fighter who takes the field. However, the fighter who will wear the Defender of the Queen's Heart mantle will be chosen by her Majesty at the end of the lyst. This person is pledged with defending her Majesty and being her Champion. This fighter should exemplify chivalry, courtesy and honor, and show these traits upon the field.

    Before signing up to the lyst, each fighter must show that her Highness (before Coronation, her Majesty after...)has given approval for entrance in the lyst. Her Highness will have tokens to give to those fighters she wishes to enter the lyst once they present themselves and request one. Please introduce yourself and present why you wish to enter the Queen's Heart Tourney.

    Upon presenting themselves to the lyst field, the fighter will show the token to the lyst mistress in order to receive their entrance card. The fighter will take the entrance card and get inspected, allowing the inspecting marshal to sign off on the card. Once done, the fighter will present the fighter card and their device to the lyst mistress, who will hold both for the pairings.

    Round 1 – Single Sword.
    Round 2 – Sword and Defensive Secondary
    Round 3 – Sword and Dagger
    Round 4 – Brace of Swords

    (repeat as necessary until there are two finalists)

    The finals will be a best of 3. The inspiration for each finalist shall choose the weapon style of the opponent. The inspiration can choose each style only once. If the finalist's inspiration is not available to choose, then by default the fighter's weapon style will be single, Sword and Defensive, and Sword and Dagger.

    ~Don Matthias

    Posted Jan 27, 2015, 5:35 AM by Brian Walton
  • Rapier Field Improvements
    To improve the rapier field at Kingdom events, Mistress Maol and a group of artisans will be producing 16 silk banners and possibly tent wall hangings, floor cloths and table cloths before Spring Coronation for the Defender of the Queen's Heart Tournament.

    Although Mistress Maol can arrange the artisans, she needs help to cover the cost of the materials for these improvements. So far about $180 has been donated or pledged and this amount will cover the silk banners materials and some hangings. Labor will be donated by artisans of House Feileacan Ghairdin. Additional contributions will be used for additional silk banners, hangings, tablecloths, etc. If you wish to contribute, you can send your donation to Mistress Maol though Paypal at melessee@gmail.com

    So far, contributions have been received from:
    • Master Giovanni
    • Brother Ronan
    • Don Davius St Jacques
    • Lord James Highgate
    • Mistress Milesenda
    • Elinor Gyles and Gideon Graym
    • Dona Miriam d'Hawke
    • Sir Judah
    • Don Aedan O'Diomasaigh
    • Lord Brian Robertson
    • Baron Iain Fhearghuis
    • Don Chlothar Bructerus
    • Lord David Archer
    • Lady Adelina de Brétigny
    • Baroness Bryennissa
    • Lord Brian Robertson
    • Hon Lady Arianna
    • Baroness Navah
    • Mistress Maol Mide
    • Master Simon
    • Don Matthias
    • Mistress Teamhair
    • Gui de Borg en Bresse
    Also, the following people have pledged to build or create other improvements:
    • Lord Brian Robertson: Weapon's rack
    • Don Tomas: Portable holes
    Posted Feb 19, 2015, 7:59 AM by Kristen Gilpin
  • Marshalate Staff Dec, 2014

    Rapier Marshal
    Don Chlothar Bructerus
    Timothy Hebert

    Deputy Rapier Marshal (Drop Dead)
    Don Tomas mac Odhrain
    Thomas Mitchell

    Deputy Marshal (Cut and Thrust)
    Maistir Aedán O'Diomasaigh, OL
    MKA: Steven Dempsey

    Posted Dec 8, 2014, 9:49 AM by Kristen Gilpin
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