Herbal First Aid (How to put together a kit) - 90 minutes - La Signora Isabella Sigilli Di Lucca

            Limited to 12 participants (onlookers welcome)
            Fee: $8        (Bring a chair!)

        Participants will learn about how 10+ herbs were used for ailments in period times, and how we use them now. Each student will take home one salve and one balm that they make in groups, and will receive the herbs and beeswax for one additional salve (or two) to make at home. Several other goodies will be included. They will be able to look through one complete First Aid Kit made with herbal ingredients and learn how each is used. General discussion on growing and acquiring herbs for health use. Books will be available for review. Classroom area will remain open after class for gatherings and herbal discussions.

Kumihimo - 1 hour - HL Gwenore Alexandra Mowbray

            Fee: $5 supplies charge

        Kumihimo (ku-mi-he-mo) is a method of braiding silk thread, cords, ribbon, knitting fibers or/and beads (mixing any of the aforementioned fibers together). This type of braiding technique originates in Japan.

Counted Cross Stitch - 1 hour - HL Gwenore Alexandra Mowbray

            Fee: $5 supplies charge

How to be a Local Herald - 2 hours - Mistress Ilene Johnnestoune

        Everything you ever wanted to know about holding this particular office, including duties, responsibilities and special circumstances.

Introduction to Heraldry - 1 hour - Mistress Ilene Johnnestoune

        An excellent class for anyone, whether interested in being a herald or not. This is an overview of what Heraldry is within the SCA, and how it applies to everyone.

Sacred Body Marks of Ancient India - 1 hour - Srila Narayana Chaitanya Gosvami

English Traditional Ballads: History & Songwriting - 1 hour - HL Ambra Michelli

        I'll tell you what I'll tell you, I'll tell you what I told you, with a Hay Nonny Nonny No~! Come learn about English and Scottish Traditional Ballads (1500's-1600's), their formula, their purpose, and even how to write one yourself!

Hospitaller's Series

How to be an Effective Hospitaller - 1 hour - HL Luce Antony Venus, Society Chatelaine 

        Learn how to focus your attitude and focus your effort as a local group officer to bring the greatest success to your group in terms of recruitment and retention of new members. Learn what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

Hospitaller's Roundtable - 1 hour - HL Luce Antony Venus, Society Chatelaine

        Interested in what’s happening in terms of recruitment and retention in your Kingdom? Join us for an open, honest discussion about the triumphs and challenges of welcoming newcomers into the SCA.

Communication for Hospitallers - 1 hour - HL Luce Antony Venus, Society Chatelaine

        Learn how to build your communication skills so that you can get people to understand your message and buy into your ideas. An essential class for people who struggle with how to get their local group more involved in recruitment and retention.

Growing the SCA - 1 hour - HL Luce Antony Venus

           Learn what makes people stay and play in the SCA, what makes them leave, and what you can do about it. This class is specifically designed for the general populace in order to offer a better understanding of what YOU can do to help the SCA thrive.

Transplanting in the SCA - 1 hour - HL Luce Antony Venus

        The trials of being a transplant. Learn how changing kingdoms is vastly different from being a newcomer.