Francois Baptiste Le Renard
  • Jim Nininger
  • Passed: September 2011

Long time Castlemere member Jim Nininger (aka Lord Francois Baptiste
Le Renard) passed last week from a heart attack. I received a call
from his widow Sandy (Crabtree) Nininger (aka Lady Nuala inghean
Se'amus) today asking me to pass this information to the shire.
Lord Francois was active in brewing, fencing and waterbearing in the
SCA. He was the shire constable for several years.
He will be buried at 10am, Monday October 3, 2011at
Jacksonville National Cemetery
4083 Lannie Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218-1247
(Military Cemetery out near the airport in North Jacksonville)
On Saturday October 1, after 4 pm, there will be a wake at the church
where Jim and Sandy were married:
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville
7405 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL
(only the sign is visible from the street)
Please bring a covered dish. In honor of Francois' interest in brewing
Sandy would like people to bring some homebrew and raise a toast in
Francois' honor, and she would like people to share some stories about
him as well.

-Lady Tamara

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