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2017 Honors and Accolades from Art/Sci

posted Mar 2, 2017, 8:02 AM by Kristen Gilpin

Patron of the Arts

-----Barony of Castlemere

Champion of the Arts

-----Ambra Michelli

Populace Acclaim

-----Rendition of Bayeux Tapestry Boat by Bryetor Aison of Devon

Laurel’s Acclaim

-----Reconstruction of the Brocaded Tablet Woven Band B20 from Birka by Nishigori Mitsumune

Coronet’s Acclaim

-----Pyrography Headboard by Guillermo Alfonso de Cervantes

Crown’s Acclaim

-----Naalbound bag by Alane Godwin

Gulf Wars Champions

  1. Patent of Arms Modeled After the Grant of Arms to Gregorio de Castro c. 1536 by Genevieve La Rousse

  2. Nordic Style Butter Churn by Dalkr Grabardr

  3. Reconstruction of the Brocaded Tablet Woven Band B20 from Birka by Nishigori Mitsumune

  4. I Fear This Path is Fraught with Peril’s Strife by Ambra Michelli

  5. Drawnwork Towel by Adelina de Bretigny

  6. Gallic Coat: A suite of clothing for a Romano-British woman living near the Vallum Hadriani c.125-175 CE by Dulcia MacPherson

  7. Naalbound bag by Alane Godwin

  8. Medieval Moneying by Gõcauo Ramiriç

  9. Reproduction of a Simple Roman Bead Furnace by Thyri Bersi

  10. Preserved Oranges by Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly


  1. Viking Woven Cap by Valeria Victoria de Deva

  2. I Fear This Path is Fraught with Peril’s Strife, Performance by Ambra Michelli

2015 Honors and Accolades from Arts and Sciences Faire

posted Mar 2, 2017, 8:02 AM by Kristen Gilpin

Adelheid Leinwater
January 11, 2015 · Orlando

Good evening!
What a wonderful display of entries did we have at our latest Kingdom Art/Sci this past weekend. The Laurels would like to express their excitement with the quality of the entries. Below is the list of Acclaim and awards from this weekend.

Crown's Acclaim: Baroness Maria de Andalusia/ HL Brygyt d'Arcy-Egyptian Necklace
Coronet's Acclaim: Giuliana del Chiaro-A Study of Womens Clothing from Several Northern City States of Italy circa 1540
Laurel's Acclaim: Lady Sof'ina Zhirinskaia-Figs from Grandes 4 eures d'auare de Bretagne
Populace Acclaim: Dalkr Grabarthr-Viking Era Bone Implemets: 959-1000 CE
Patron of the Arts & Sciences: Castlemere with 17 entries
Champion of the Arts & Sciences: Alysoun Jeuneterre-Tudor Overgown ca. 1546
Non Pariel: Dalkr Grabarthr-Viking Era Bone Implemets: 959-1000 CE

Our Gulf Wars Champions from our Kingdom Art/Sci
Dalkr Grabarthr
Alysoun Jeuneterre
Baroness Maria de Andalusia/ HL Brygyt d'Arcy
Johann Van Leuden
Mayken vd Alst
Baron Sir Morgan ap Gwalchmai Gwynedd
Alane Godwin
Lars Knarrarsmidr
Franca Donato
Alternate: Gwenhwyvar Thredegold;

Many thanks to all who participated and helped with the Art/Sci Faire, your service is invaluable!
A Special thanks to Baroness Jehannette de Lille for serving our judges lunch!
I would like to remind everyone that the A/S competition at Gulf Wars (Friday) is open to everyone to enter.
In Service,
Meisterin Adelheid Leinwater
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences

Art/Sci Faire Mentoring Group on Facebook

posted Feb 23, 2016, 7:08 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Feb 23, 2016, 7:12 AM ]

Art and Sciences Mentoring Group
Do you want to enter the Arts and Sciences Faire but are intimidated by the process? Are you an artisan who would like to understand the process more or share your experiences with others? Would you like a judgement free zone where we can review topics like writing documentation, formatting bibliographies, good vs bad sources, presentation, and editing? Yeah? Then join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/978714172195164/

This group is designed to help people interested in entering the Arts and Sciences Faires in Trimaris by providing a judgement free zone where questions can be asked and answered and where various Art/Sci topic can be reviewed.

2016 Arts and Sciences Faire: Awards and Accolades

posted Feb 22, 2016, 11:27 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 10:14 AM by Brian Rider ]

Populace Acclaim - Cian Mac Cullough for his three legged turned chair
Laurel's Acclaim - Tablet woven band, Nishi Gori
Coronets Acclaim - Elizabethan Pomander - Amen Hotep
Crown's Acclaim - Beaded Pouch - Alane Godwin
Non pareilCountess Dulcia for her Roman Rag Doll

Gulf War Champions:

Roman Rag Doll - Countess Dulcia
Three Legged Chair -Cian Mac Cullough
Beaded Pouch - Alane Godwin
Tablet Woven Band - Nishi Gori
Reticello - Adelina de Bretigny
14th Century Undergarments - Alysoun Jeunterre
Elizabethan Miniatures - Mayken Van Der Alst
Vocal Performance - Killian Bauer

Site under Redesign

posted Feb 22, 2016, 5:38 AM by Kristen Gilpin

Greetings all!

The Arts and Sciences site is undergoing a redesign and organization over the next few weeks. Look for upcoming changes and better organization coming soon!

New TRU Chancellor!

posted Apr 3, 2014, 10:34 AM by KMOAS Trimaris


I would like to announce that Mistress Anna Alicia Von Rheinhardt, OL has agreed to take on the role as our new TRU Chancellor. Her information is listed below. Should you have any questions, please contact her about our TRU program. They next TRU check-in is scheduled for TMT.



Trimarian Royal University Chancellor
Mistress Anna Alicia Von Rheinhardt, OL
mka Susan Allen
7 Sapphire Way
Ocala, FL 34472

Kingdom Art/Sci 2014- Honors and Accolades

posted Jan 19, 2014, 11:54 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Jan 21, 2014, 7:50 AM by KMOAS Trimaris ]

Crown's Acclaim: Johann Van Leuden - Wheel Lock Rifle

Coronet's Acclaim: Dalkr Grabarthr - Making and Calibrating a Norse Sun Compass

Laurel's Acclaim: Cian mac Cullough - Reproduction of a 16th Century Italian Sgabello

Populace Acclaim: Brendan Ackbourne - Kaushi-Kusari (A Japanese Maille)

Patron of the Arts and Sciences: Barony of Darkwater with 21 entries

Champion of the Arts and Sciences: Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse

1.) Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse - My Love is Gone
2.) Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse - Medea's Monologue based upon the play Euripedes (prose)
3.) Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse - Medea's Monologue based upon the play Euripedes (performance)
4.) Brygyt d'Arcy - 14th Century Women's Headwear

Gulf Wars Champions: 
  • Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse - for one of her three perfect scored performances!
  • Milesenda De Bourges - 15th Century Linen Banner
  • HL Brygyt d'Arcy - 14th Century Women's Headwear
  • Lady Elyn verch Gwilim - Reproduction of Tablet Weaving from Snartemo Grave V
  • Sgt Kenwrec Wulfe - Mid 14th Century Greathelm
  • Johann Van Leuden - Wheel Lock Rifle
  • Dalkr Grabarthr - Making and Calibrating a Norse Sun Compass
  • Dmitri Skomorochov  - 14th Century Relic Kit
  • Maria de Andalusia - 16th c childs stick horse
  • Catherine Browne of Coventry - Manesse Codex
Gulf Wars Alternates:
  • Duncan Arthur Ross the Black - After the 9th c Slavic Shoe found at Mecklenberg Castle in Germany
  • Eva ingean Alaxandair - Replica of an Early 14th Century Pewter Button

2014 Arts and Sciences Faire

posted Nov 1, 2013, 8:42 AM by adelheid leinwater   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 10:14 AM by Brian Rider ]


The Queen's Prize Tourney will be held at this Art Sci.  It is a sponsored arts and science tournament for novice artisans.  Novice artisans are to be sponsored by either a Laurel or a member of the Silver Trident. The sponsor will serve as mentor.

The sponsors are also to contribute a prize to be given out by the end of the Art/Sci Faire (before entry pick-up).

The Queen will award a prize for the novice entry she is most impressed with.

This is not required of novice entries.

Laurels and Members of the Order of the Silver Trident - please let Her Majesty or the KMOAS know if you are willing to be a sponsor. Ideally, Her Majesty would like to see novices have sponsor local to them.


Entrants will obtain a Queen’s Tourney form at the Registration Desk.

The entrant will complete a Queen’s Tourney form and identify their sponsor.

A Queen’s Tourney place card will be given to the entrant to put with their entry.

Then place a queen’s tourney stamp on the entrant’s registration form and return it to the folder.

The Queen will announce her selection at Court.

New forms!

posted Nov 1, 2013, 8:36 AM by Kristen Gilpin

Greetings!  As our Kingdom grows and learns it is periodically time for revisions!  Here are the latest and greatest instructions and forms for the Trimarian Art/Sci Faires.  Once all of the new forms are uploaded I will begin removing the old ones from this site.

For all levels, entrants should read and review the New Art Sci Rules and Divisions, Documentation form/Guide and the Judging sheets.

2013 Village Faire Regional Art/Sci

posted Oct 1, 2013, 7:55 AM by Kristen Gilpin   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 10:15 AM by Brian Rider ]

The following gentles were the winners of the multiple competitions at Village Faire:

  • Populace Acclaim - Amenhotep of Waset - The Making of Egyptian Temple Incense
  • Coronet's Acclaim - HL Tatiana Aleksandrovna Ragozina - Halme Visiting His Lover - A Reproduction Illumination
  • Crown's Acclaim - HL Brygt d'Arcy - 14th Century Dress Techniques Unveiled

Persona Interview
  • Amenhotep of Waset

Champions of Darkwater
that will compete in the Baronial Bragging Rights Tourney next year on the Barony's behalf:
  • Champion of Arts and Sciences - HL Milesenda de Bourges
  • Baron's Heavy Weapons Champion - Syr Tymm Colbert le Garde

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