Britches & Boots Show Series

Britches & Boots Show Series

Britches & Boots is a local schooling show series where riders can collect points and receive a year end award.  There are no membership fees, no rules books, no politics.  Just a simple schooling series for the riders and trainers who work so hard.   The series permits our riders and horses to compete at new places, with new scenery, fences and competition in a more laid back and affordable approach.  
If you are interested in participating or hosting a B&B Horse Show please contact Jennifer Fletcher (334) 750 9240 

B&B Show Dates 2016

April 9   
and ......

Less Pressure + Less Cost = MORE FUN!

B&B Show Dates 2015
October 24 w/ COSTUME CLASS!  Pictures

B&B Show Dates 2014
October 11 w/ COSTUME CLASS!  Facebook Page

B&B Show Dates 2013
April 6 TRIMAC Farm  Pictures &  Water-slide Shots

B&B Points 2013