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For Lease

**Progress, learn horsemanship, and gain responsibility through leasing**

Leasing can be the best option for many riders.  

Whether you are...
  •  seeking the experience of ownership but not ready for the financial commitment of purchasing
  •  the competitive rider who is passionate about progressing in the show ring and seeks a winning teammate
  •  a new rider who is eager to progress and desires ONE suitable mount instead of numerous lesson horses

**Trimac Farm has a variety of affordable horses available for lease.**

**Have a horse you call your own at a VERY affordable price. **

Awesome Educators 
The horses listed below are for 1/2 Lease and 4 lessons are included in the monthly lease fee.  They are safe,  awesome teachers and a great assets to our program.  In order to maintain the longevity of their performance and lesson career, these horses will have some limitations in the frequency and height of jumping lessons.  They are perfect for lesson riders learning the basics - all the way up to the 2'6 level. All of the horses listed below make great local show mounts as well.  Safe, sound, quality horses for the learning rider can be very expensive ($5000+).  We are thrilled to have such great lower level horses so riders can have the benefit of ownership, without the upfront cost of  purchasing a safe horse. 

Millie is a 16.2, dark bay, Thoroughbred mare.   Millie spends her summer at a horse camp and hangs with us during the school year.  She is super for the 2'3+ rider.  Awesome at horse shows, riding in the field and nice ground manners.  She became a quick favorite within just a few weeks.  
Currently Leased

Luke is a 12.1, paint pony, gelding.  He is looking for his next partner in crime.  He is well suited for the beginner rider all the way up to 2'3 jumping riders.  He is a great teacher, super sweet and likes to to all the fun things that ponies and girls get to do! 

Search is a 16.3, bay Thoroughbred gelding.  He has brought so much happiness to numerous riders at Trimac and ones who have graduated and moved away.  He is an excellent teacher, loves to jumps, and one of the sweetest horses on the farm.  He is a gentle giant and looking for his next rider who wants to smile when they ride! 

Teddy is a 15.1, chestnut Thoroughbred gelding.  He is new to the program but such a sweetheart.  He jumps around 2'3-2'6 courses with a lead change.  He is looking for a rider to  help get him back in shape, enjoy lessons, hack out in the field, and even horse show.  

Ready to Win
 We are looking to continue to grow our show program and are excited to provide these horses for the competitive rider who may not be in the position to purchase a guaranteed show mount.  A typical show horse can cost over $10,000 and the standard yearly lease fee , on a qualified show horse is 30% of the value of the horse per year.  That does not include the horses maintenance or board.  Our In-Barn Show Lease Fee is a fraction of the standard cost, we do not require a year commitment and keep the  costs very affordable so riders are able to train and compete more frequently.   If you are ready to horse show - one of the horses below is for you!

Zac is a 15.3, dark bay gelding.  He is one of our most educated and sophisticated horses.  He is an excellent teacher and perfect for a rider wanting to win in the show ring! Not complicated and a very good boy! 

Lotto is a 15.3, grey, Thoroughbred gelding.  He is one of Jen's favorites and can do it all.  Lovely show ring hunter.  He has a 
puppy dog 
personality and has led many riders to year end champions.  Easy lead change, and will continue to win blue ribbons in the Walk-Trot - 2'6!  

Polo is a 16.0, bay, Thoroughbred gelding.  Imported from Italy, he is a seasoned show jumper with consistent wins in the .85 - Low Child/Adult.  He also will tote a Cross rail -
Long Stirrup Rider around.  No prep at horse shows. Great horse!! 
Currently Leased

Joe is a 16.3, bay, Thoroughbred gelding.  He is a fun mount, super quiet and forgiving.  Will clean up in the 2'6 and ready to move up to 3' in 2016.  He is also a sale horse, horse showing will be discounted! 
Currently Leased