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We offer FULL and PASTURE boarding to riders of multiple disciplines who appreciate a healthy barn community and want to enjoy their horse.   
A majority of our riders and horses participate in our hunter/jumper lesson, training and show program however, we have several adults, College and Graduate/Vet students who board with us because of the quality care we provide the horses and owners at Trimac Farm.  
We understand that is may not be possible for you to see your horse everyday.  
We want you to rest assured that your 'baby' / investment is handled and checked multiple times during the day.   
The care and attention we provide is the best in the area!  

Some of the amenities included in board are:
  • Owner and Assistant BOTH live on the property = 24 hour on-site supervision
  • Daily Wellness Checks of ALL horses
  • ALL Pasture horses are fed individually to ensure they eat their feed and supplements with no stress or fighting 
  • Catch / Leave-Up Service (let us know what time you plan to ride & horse can be kept close to the barn, waiting for you)
  • Multiple Turnout Options: Group, Semi-private & Private
  • Keeping our pastures & paddocks mowed and fertilized for premium grazing

For more information, pricing and a detailed Boarding Brochure Guide, please email Jen Fletcher.
If you would like to set up an appointment for a Farm Tour please call (334) 759 9240 

The Barn Side 
 The current barn has 15 stalls with a hot/cold wash stalls, numerous cross tie areas, multiple tack rooms,  5 paddocks that are completely fenced with 4 board wood fencing for private/semi private turnout and a 30+ acre field.  We customize our grain, hay and turnout to each horse to ensure peak performance and well being. 
We keep our prices very economical so our riders are able to have more opportunities to lesson, train, and horse show. 

The Training Side 
The Ring is just behind Jen's house at the top of the hill.  It provides a full jump course and lights!  The ring is dragged often and the course changes weekly so the horses and riders are exposed to new exercises and challenges. 
The additional 30 acre hay field is a lovely place to hack and exercise your horse up and down hills and around the pond.  We also have several outdoor fences and additional manicured areas to ride so you can work your horse in varied settings.  
We are very proud of the ring's location and visibility of all the riding areas.  This allows for better training and safety at all times.