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Anytime we head off to a show or barn function....we take time to remember the funny moments that make our trips even more special. 

Coastal Hunter Jumper November 2015

posted Nov 29, 2015, 5:43 AM by Jen Fletcher

First and foremost - DO NOT google "How to put on garder straps" when trying to help a rider at their first horse show.  Karen & Hannah are sisters from another mister.  What do you Mean.  Derder is our on road mechanic and electrical tape & a screwdriver can fix anything.  Left Lead = leave the ring.  Liz has no bedroom etiquette and will leave you all alone in a cold bed.  What do you mean.  More people slept on the floor than in beds.  The birthday boy got lots of spankings.  Austin wanted oysters, derder chose Chili's.  Karen trains for 6+ months on one horse only to sway 3 minutes before show time on one she never rode before.  Lots of people were forgotten on the elevator.  We took the Ware's Jewler's Box to the ring.  Bruce paid for a couple extra kids thanks to missing checks.  Emily is a helicopter mom...or just amazing! How to place in an Eq flat = parachute jacket.  There was sleeping with eyes open.  What do you mean.  There were rats...very large rats.  Karen got lifted 3 feet in the air bridling horses.  Jen hit rockstar mode while driving.  Shot of Nyquil and a medicine bag.  Voices in the closet.  "Why is she changing outside the door, with derder?"   Someone maybe forgot to pack everything - but they did have brand new garders.  French fry met Vegan fry.  

All jokes aside - what a great weekend!  Alex was champ on Cashmere in the Ground Poles!  Zac was champ with french fry in Long Stirrup.  Austin and Dublin were champ in the Pre-Long Stirrup.  Karen and Joe were Reserve Champion BOTH days in the pre-rider.  Anna and Jackson were reserve champ in the Pre-Child...this was their first time at the 2'6 also!  Joe and Bri were reserve in the Modified and 3rd in the derby.  Hannah and Brighten were Reserve in the .80 jumpers and 3rd in the .80 Classic.  Bri and Picasso were Reserve in the Child/Adult Jumpers.  It was AWESOME!  Love this series and these people!  

HJ Fox October 2015

posted Nov 2, 2015, 9:58 AM by Jen Fletcher   [ updated Nov 2, 2015, 10:03 AM ]

As always - a great group of riders and horses headed to conyers GA.  Some of the funny moments were...
Nascar style tire air up.  Liz=french fries. French Fries help you sit Joe's trot. Karen ate 72 loaves of outback break. Thrashley.  The manager at outback was 12.  Ashley & Hannah were mistaken for Jens children.  Bruce rides a jump off with no stirrups.  Tami only said sorry 643 times.  We forgot every barn supply needed for the weekend.  Ask Bella where to get alcohol...the isosopyrilyn kind.  Bri got into Auburn.  Anna was the honorary winner of her Sat Eq course....and jen paid for the class.  Mille saw the light Sunday AM.  Uno attempted to jump her stall wall.  42. Tiny was there.  We forgot blankets...horses were cold.  Microwave meals at the Hawthorne.  we fit all the trunks and 8 horses...into the 6 horse.  Mattie was there and then left :( Karen is amazing.  Ashley makes the same face while riding, while sleeping, while driving, while texting, while eating, while coaching, while tying shoes.  Just say, "It's nice to see you."  and that is all!  

HJ Fox July 2015

posted Aug 10, 2015, 5:35 PM by Jen Fletcher

Took a great crew of 9 horses and, as always had a blast!  This was a debut horse show for Nolan, Stone, and Dublin! These three boys had great first show experiences! Nolan got to school and compete in the Grand Prix Field with Sam.  Stone was more awesome than expected and went right into the covered at 2'6 with Paulina.  Karen and Dublin got to play in the 18-21' and had super rounds!  Cassie and Rawah were on vacation and schooled in lots of rings...with Jen (and without) hehehe! Bri and Picasso played in jumper land and had fun in the Grand Prix field.  Veronica and Freckles were Champion in the Mini Equitation and Reserve Champ in the Hopeful Hunter!  Buddy and TW killed it in the 3'3 jumpers.  They beat their own time with each course! Tami and Cashmere achieved her 2015 goal and competed and pinned in the 2'11. Sam and Polo had an awesome weekend with a 2nd in the mini prix and winning the $$ Open Class. They were also Reserve Champ in the open jumpers!  So proud of the horses and riders!  
Funny moments: "BE PROACTIVE!"-Jen multiple times throughout the weekend.  "Are you satisfied?"-V to Jen.  The pizza guy and his tip.  The bar tender noticing the two tone face and then mentioned it again to someone else :(   insured horses go on certain trailers.  Plastic utensils are kept in the bathroom.  Sleep eating and teapots of water.   Caution- Show Horses! and Baby on Board.  "Can I take my hairnet off?  Just to get another layer off? - Tami.  Back when gas prices were cheap.  Donald Trump is rich.  Mary has a boyfriend and you will know if she likes you if she invites you to her wedding.  Rusty fed the bunnies and Bunny helped deliver feed.  "LOVE EACH OTHER"   Jen will leave, as you are climbing into the truck.  V & Karen aka 2nd class citizens had to ride in the bed of the truck all weekend.  The blakes (that is right, bLakes) has problems but Derder was to the rescue.  Cassie doesn't bathe.  The trainer loves her kids so much that she slept on the pull out.  Bruce delivered a 2nd his AU boxers.  "where did the dressing go??"   "Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"   "Probubbly!"  Cassie schools herself, she jumps jumps on her own, and she woo's on her own.   "Is he waving at me?"-Jen  "Probubbly Not!"-Paulina   Thanks Horhay for helping and nice boxers.  Climbing out the back window to close the tool box and having a cop pass you.   


posted May 25, 2014, 5:45 AM by Jen Fletcher   [ updated Aug 22, 2015, 9:38 PM ]

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July 12-14 Elite "A"

posted Jul 19, 2013, 1:02 PM by Jen Fletcher

DAY 1 outside of the horse show : Jen gets induced and Ragan is born!
Day 1 - 3 inside the horse show: 
Erika & Zoii had great rounds in the Children's Pony and Zoii looked so great braided up!
Bruce & Rocky had a weekend full of learning.  Bruce wins the award for most handsome horse and rider duo on Saturday!
Bri and Penelope were Champ in the 1.0 and Reserve in the Low Child jumper.
Jerky and Treasure were Reserve Champ in Pony Jumpers
Erin and Chinook won everything they went in - as long as Nookie was not wearing polo's or having a heat stroke. 

July 6-7 Cheryl & Co

posted Jul 19, 2013, 12:28 PM by Jen Fletcher

We always love horse showing with Cheryl and her team!  We pulled together a big group and had a blast. The weather was wet but kept it from being too hot!  Congrats to all our riders - 
Yazer and Billy were Champ on Sunday in Long Stirrup Hunter
Larner gave Rufus a GREAT first horse show experience and by Sunday, he actually picked his feet up over the fences. 
Mary and Bindi came home with 2 champs & 1 reserve for the weekend in Mini & Low Hunter
Bean and Search had a winning hunter o/f in the Pre-childrens
Rhone put in solid rounds on Velvet (it was their first show!)
Erin and Nookie were champ in the Adults
Jerky and Janie worked out lots of kinks in the Modified and Children's and they were 2nd in the Handy
Bri and Rapunzel had a great Saturday in the Open
Amy and Search were Reserve in the Schooling Hunter and had nearly flawless trips on Sunday
Erika and Zoii had good rounds against lots of horses in the 2'6
Lotto was Champ on Sat in the Low and Abi was 2nd in the LS Eq Flat
Lizars and Maggie had great trips in the Long Stirrup.
Kyra and Polo were Reserve Champ in the Long Stirrup Hunter and Eq over the weekend.  
Some highlights!
Yazer & Jerky - show barn managers - GREAT Job! Larner would have won her last class...till the cursed last fence.  Mary was nice to people all weekend long.  Bean has best attitude at the show ring.  Rhone gets super nervous and Cassie helps her out.  Erin is high maintenance.  Bri took Rapunzel to Kindergarden and did great!.  Amy tried to set a fence while on Search's back and got a shiner.  Erika's hair is blue.  Abi  did a course in the downpour!  Lizars is the most helpful at all times!  Kyra moved up to 5 foot 2000.  Katie was awesome. Jen was pregnant

5/4-5 RMI Spring Break, Wills Park Ga.

posted May 7, 2013, 5:21 AM by Bruce Smith   [ updated May 8, 2013, 7:45 AM by Jen Fletcher ]

Wet weekend but did not stop the fun and laughs!  Erin & Maggie won the Adult Hunter Classic (despite the flood...and a classy warm-up round!) and were Reserve champ in the Adult Hunter.  Jerky & Treasure were champ in low child jumper.  We convinced Treasure they did not give out brown or yellow ribbons.  Terez and Zami were first and second in their classes on Sat and did not show Sun b/c Terez could not breathe :(  Bri & P had a good weekend with great times- just silly faults...P proved she was a lady winning lots of purple.   Dana and Tucker were champ in their Two jumper divisions as well.  We love showing in alpharhetta...good eats!  Thanks Sven for dog sitting,  Kristen for sunday support, and bruce for trailer duty.  Oh and of course - John for his 'hotness' all weekend!

4/20-21 H. J. Fox at Conyers

posted Apr 23, 2013, 5:25 AM by Bruce Smith

3/23-24 PHJA in Pensacola

posted Apr 5, 2013, 1:27 AM by Jen Fletcher   [ updated Apr 23, 2013, 5:27 AM by Bruce Smith ]

Katie headed south with a group of 9 horses & 10 riders! Between a monsoon, 75+ degree weather, and long show days...the group had a fantastic time! Congrats to Clayton on his successful show debut with Bri in the irons! Tiny & Abi well represented Trimac on Twinkie & Lotto in the Pre-Childrens!  Bruce & Rocky had great ribbons not only in the Adult Hunter/Eq but also in the Jumpers! Mary and Barb aboard Connie and Buddy had success in the Long Stirrup both pre and post ring soaking.  Erika and Zoii pinned great in the Pony Hunters and the E-ubi twirled around the jumpers on Connie!  Bri and Jordan tag teamed Mojo and has great rides in the Hunters on Sat & Jumpers on Sun.  Kyra and Polo closed the show with Champion in the 18'! BIG thanks to Elizabeth...voted best groom ever!  Great weekend!  Be back in April!!!  

3/9 B&B show at Barebones Farm

posted Mar 18, 2013, 7:09 AM by Bruce Smith   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 7:43 PM ]

Twenty one horses, 19 rider and uncounted supporters made the trip to Barebones Farm in Shorter Al for the first B&B show of the season.  We missed our Jen, but love our Katie, Katie2, Jen2 and Eric (who did laps with the 6 horse trailer!).

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