Trillium Twirl ~ Come Dance with Us! 

April 26 - 28, 2019

We're happy to welcome back the lovely and gracious Gaye Fifer, and to
welcome Turnip the Beet and their beautiful high energy foot-stompin' music!

Registration is open now!

Turnip the Beet

Kelsey Wells on fiddle + Jeremy Lekich on guitar = beautiful music!

We're very pleased to present Turnip the Beet for your 2019 contra dancing pleasure.  Your feet will be so happy, they will want to move all on their own!

They're a fabulous dance band duo from Nashville, Tennessee. Rooted in the traditions of Southern Appalachia and local contra dances, Kelsey Wells and Jeremy Lekich combine fiddle, guitar, percussion, and the occasional banjo in an innovative and jubilant musical harvest. Expect to hear an organic mix of eclectic tunes from the American South, Ireland, Cape Breton, Quebec, and Scandinavia, as well as a half-bushel of grooving, homegrown originals.

Here is a Sample Program

Fri Eve   
5:30 - 7pm
Potluck - bring a delish dish to share!

Fri Night

Great to See You Again Dance Party! 
Christy English emcee with Local Callers & Sarah Van Norstrand with Changeling
Sat Day  
Early A.M.

Pre-Dance Stretching, Breakfast

♫  English Country Dance - Bob Messer with Debbie Jackson & Earl Gaddis
♫  Trillium Tune-Up - Mike Clark with Judi Morningstar, Sarah Tyriver, Steve Rohs


♫ English Country Dance - Ray Bantle
with Earl Gaddis, Susan Lazar, Debbie Jackson
♫  Sarah's (Current) Favorites - Sarah
Van Norstrand with Changeling
   11:30am Open Waltz

12 noon

♫  English Country Dance - Ray Bantle with Debbie Jackson, Earl Gaddis, Susan Lazar
♫  Dutch Crossing - Roger Williams with Judi Morningstar & Betsy Foote
♫  Callers Workshop - Sarah Van Norstrand
♫  Open Jam

♫  Folk Song Reunion - Debbie Jackson
♫  Challenging Contras - Sarah Van Norstrand with Changeling
Open Waltz
   5:30pm    Dinner
  7:10pm Concert - Changeling
Dance Party! Sarah Van Norstrand with Changeling
  11pm-12am Bonfire & Sing-a-long (Lakeside if weather permits, or lounge fireplace)
 Sun 7:30-8:15am
Dance Stretching
   9am (approx)
 Dancing & Workshops begin!
   12 noon
   12:50pm      Maypole, if weather allows
   1:15pm  Farewell Dance
   3:15pm  Ice Cream Social

Gaye Fifer's happy smile means she loves teaching and calling dances!

Gaye Fifer

Gaye Fifer has been calling contra and many other styles of dance for over 25 years, and she is most definitely one of Michigan's favorites!  She loves doing this, and wants dancers to have a great time!  With her clear calling and giving manner, you will love having Gaye at Trillium Twirl this April 2019! 

April 26-28, 2019 will be another great spring dance weekend! 

Trillium grandiflorum
At Clear Lake Camp, surrounded by woods and blooming Trillium grandiflorum we'll share food, chocolate and coffee, stories, campfire songs, music jams, quiet conversation, boisterous laughter and hugs, plus all that fantastic Dancing!   Having you with us will only make it better!  
Register now, and/or apply for a scholarship!  This is always a great weekend at Clear Lake Camp, the Outdoor Education Center of the Battle Creek Public Schools, on the shore of Clear Lake, 16 miles north of Battle Creek: 10160 M-37, Dowling, MI 49050  

For Questions: 

Contact David Baur or registrar
Rita Chapman at

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