a contradance trio from central Ohio

Trillium plays music for Contradance and English Country Dance on traditional instruments: fiddle, mandolin, acoustic piano. Most of the tunes they play are traditional, as well, and are played in multiple folk music worlds, such as Bluegrass, Old-Time, English Country Dance, Celtic, French Canadian. 

Trillium playing, with Terry Doyle calling, for the Contradance "Major Hey" the May 2023 Whitewater Whirl Dance Weekend

Trillium playing, with Gaye Fifer calling, for the English Country Dance  "Sapphire Sea" at the May 2023 Whitewater Whirl Dance Weekend

Fiddler Mark Barsamian, from Athens Ohio, began playing classical violin as a young child. Twenty five years ago, he became smitten by Celtic fiddle music, and has been playing folk music ever since. By day, he is a Lecturer in Mathematics at Ohio University in Athens.

Pianist Mark Delozier, from Yellow Springs Ohio, has been active in the contradance music scene for years, first in the Cleveland area where he was a long-time member of the band Strings and Things, and more recently in the Dayton/Columbus area. He is known in particular for the warm sound he gets from a small acoustic piano that he hauls around to gigs, and for the seemingly endless variation that he brings to simple tunes.

Mandolinist Zeke Hutchison, from Athens Ohio, is best known for his bluegrass background but is equally fluent in styles as diverse as jazz and classical. Zeke recently recorded with Tim O’Brien on his Short Order Sessions, and O’Brien states that” Zeke “is one of the very best unsung mandolin players in the world.”


Watch Trillium playing for the contradance "Major Hey" at the 2023 Whitewater Whirl

Watch Trillium playing for the English Country Dance "Sapphire Sea" at the 2023 Whitewater Whirl 

Hear Trillium Playing Forked Deer

Watch Trillium playing Reel de Gaspe

Watch Trillium playing Midnight on the Water

Hear Trillium playing Star of Munster

Hear Trillium Playing Otter's Holt and Father Kelly's


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