Current Project: "They Called It Mercy" multimedia presentation about the "ex-gay" movement and exposing religious abuse

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Past Ex-Gay Survivor Projects:

"Confessions Of An Ex-Ex-Gay"
2012 - Anchorage, Alaska

This project was a mixture of a lecture, discussion, musical performance and an art exhibit. Performed in Anchorage, Alaska, Confessions Of An Ex-ex-gay focused on the time Jason spent living in Alaska while he tried to live his first four of the five years he spent considering himself an "ex-gay". This piece showed in depth at how outrageous some of these church groups can be when it comes to comparing homosexuality with harmful sexual behavior.

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"Identity Thieves"

About three years in the making, Identity Thieves was a multi-media performance piece written and performed by Jason T. Ingram about his five-year journey through the "ex-gay" movement and how he survived. Jason integrates his singing and instrumental live music with background accompaniments and visual projections of stills and film clips. Jason's goal is to raise awareness about these issues as well as to help others heal from religious abuse and to show that creative expression can be a powerful outlet for growth and recovery. Jason's style is artistic, edgy and uplifting.

This thirty minute video is a rough collection of clips from Jason's events since 2008 around the Continental United States and Alaska

Excerpts from the "Identity Thieves" presentation in Oregon including the art exhibit "Ex-gay Bears" 2011
Kenmore, WA - Seattle area - Spring 2010

Demonstration in front of an anti-gay youth event near Memphis Tennessee, February 2008 Photobucket

Classroom screening of "Heterin" 2008 - Cincinnati, Ohio area  Photobucket

Jason T. Ingram speaking and sharing at Holy Trinity UCC

Jason T. Ingram "I'm Coming Out" (music video draft)

Jason T. Ingram featured in the Ex-Gay Survivor site and community since 2007:


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